Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years Eve Photo booth fun

Our oldest Landon, is finally at that magical age where we let our kids stay up to ring in the New year.
We decided that when our kids turn 8 they would be able to stay up till 12 with us playing games and having fun. I think each kid should have some one on one time with mom and dad every now and then. When you have 4 kids its really hard to have time with only one kid with both Noah and me. We do one on one dates with our kids where I will take one out or Noah will take one out but its much more difficult to go out with the 3 of us. 
So we try to let one kid stay up later then the rest one day each week so that they have some one on one time with us. I was super excited that Landon got to stay up this year with us.
We were planning on going to our Neighbors house to play games because my mom was here and could stay with the sleeping kids, but Aowyn started running a really high fever and was having a rough night, so we decided to stay home. (I really hope that she didn't get the flu that her brothers had. That junk took over our house during the holidays.)

We started out the night trying to take some pictures.
It was my "I want a photo to remember our night" attempt, but these two sillies of mine refused to take a "normal" picture.

I quickly realized that my "want" to have a normal picture was ridiculous... we are far from normal so why lie and take a normal picture? Haha! Am I right?

Noah got the bright idea to mess with Photo Booth and thus the silliness really began.

I was seriously laughing so hard I had to hold my legs together and run to the bathroom.
I may or may not have peed in my pants a little.... lets just go with may not..... mkay?

I think our noses look pretty sweet!
I'm sad that's not how we really look, it would definitely keep life interesting

My mom said that Noah looked like that guy from Men in Black when his head get shot off and starts to grow back.
Rolling on the floor laughing....

Now Noah's rocking the Megamind head and I look like a deranged vampire (aren't they all) who can dislocate her jaw, ready for some Megamind blue blood.

Oh the brows.
Noah's got brows for days and I look like I belong on one of those Facebook "These girls need some eyebrow help" pages.

Now I'm channeling my inner Puss in Boots.
Aowyn saw the picture this morning and said "You so sad!" Hahahaha

When we were all done we played Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Clue and Headbanz while we ate Peanut M&Ms, homemade salsa and homemade onion dip.
We rang in the New Year with our family favorite, Cran/Apple Sparkling Cider and watched a few fireworks out our back window.

Now its time to celebrate New Years day with some great food and College Football Playoffs.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 is looking bright.

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