Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Master Bedroom

Our Master Bedroom is still a major work in progress.

I love the big space that we have but I hate that since we are renting I can not paint it at all.... makes me want to shed a few tears.

Of course since we can't paint I have to figure out fabulous ways to decorate without paint.

I have a bunch of ideas that I want to do in this space. 
I really want to use these two color palettes for the colors in the space.

I love the gold and bronze with the tan walls.
I think the soft blue/grays give a subtle pop of color that I am wanting.
I also think that the dark brown will pull a couple of the pieces of furniture from the room together.

We had a really bright Master bedroom for years. I wanted pink somewhere in my house, so of course it went into the Master. I really loved it but I have been drawn to the much softer neutral tones recently and really wanted to bring those colors into this space.
So out with the old and in with the new..
You can go here to see the Home Tour of our last house with the bright Master.

This is what our Master bedroom looks like right now.
I have taken out all of the bright colors and started to bring in softer, more neutral tones.
Here are all the before pictures of our space, I will follow up later this week with a post on my plans for the room, but for now you can enjoy all the glorious "before" pictures.

I need to get some new lamps in here. The one that Noah had has been relocated to the downstairs and mine will join it as soon as we have replacements.

We are in need of a head board. We sold our bed when we moved and now I need to get to work on making the new head board. Its on my "2015 to do list".

We want a tufted headboard and I have some art work to go above the bed once the headboard is in place.

Noah added some Christmas stuff to our bed to make it more festive... What a sweet guy,  I kind of am crazy about him.

This is my side of the bed and my Armoire. I am in the process of changing out the handles and can't wait till that's done.
I redid the barrel chair a few years ago. It was a really ugly brown and nasty 70's fabric. 
Ill have to find my before and after of that one.

Everything that was on top of the Armoire has been moved to other places in the house and the picture has been moved to our daughters room.

Noah side of the bed and his night stand... Oh his night stand. Its a bit of a mess ALWAYS and I ALWAYS ask him to take care of it.... lets just say that my plea falls on deaf ears.
Does he not know who he is married too? AHHH it causes me anxiety... okay moving on.

I have an old European Vanity that I bought in Alabama that I am refinishing and it will go over in this space. I am so excited. Its a beautiful dream come true and just needs a little TLC so that it can be restored to its original charm and fabulousness.

I am not sure if I want to finish this wall by adding more mirrors or not... I may want to do a bit of a collage of vintage things on there... still debating on that.

I redid Noah's dresser. 
I found the matching sets for $150 at Habitat for Humanity and fell in love with them.
They were a nasty 70's style brown so I redid them and now I need to finish sanding them and making them all "chippy" and distressed.

I love the hardware and I can't wait to get more of it to finish the furniture.
I redid this Armoire and Noah's dresser.

Ive got two frames filled, now I need to get the pictures of Noah and me that we had done this summer to add to the empty frame.

This piece is a beauty.
Its a gentleman's cabinet and I can't wait to finish fixing it up. 
Ill do a post about it later, for now it hold my jewelry in all its little drawers down on the bottom.

I love this corner, not much to do over here besides put a picture in the frame.

(see the little tiny fingers peeking out? I had a helper taking pictures.)

Stay tuned for the pictures of all of the ideas I have for this room.

Our Master bedroom always gets put on the back burner so I am super excited to finally be doing something with this space. Our Master should be our retreat and because its on the same level as the living space of our house it really has become that, now its time to decorate it as such.

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