Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things that have caught my eye Dec 14

I don't know about you but when I'm browsing the internet on my phone or walking through a store and I want to remember something I snap a picture on my oh so handy iPhone so that I can go back to it whenever I want.

Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye lately.

I am LOVING all the Gold and Black everywhere. 
I love it so much that I decided to redo our Master bedroom to use those colors.
The Master is still a work in progress because I am being picky about what I want to go in there.
When I was browsing Target for curtains (which I do frequently whether I need them or not) I saw these gold curtains and snapped a picture because I couldn't decide whether they will fit the space the way I want or not. 

I love all the wood signs everywhere and I really love the look of words burned into the wood.
I am determine to make one someday soon.... I hope.

I LOVE everything about this outfit. 
I loved it so much I pulled what I had in my closet to try to match this for Thanksgiving.

I mostly love the frame, for umm.... EVERYTHING.
But I'm really into the vintagey prints right now too.
Aowyns room is all vintage so this would be so cute in there.

I see Subway signs like this everywhere, but its always places in New York or California and as cute as they are, they are never what I am looking for.
When I saw the Subway sign with all the glory of the South I had to have it, but the nearly $100 price tag made me choke a little.... so I did what any smart shopper/crafty crafter would do.... I took a picture so I can make it at home.

This picture is blurry because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take pictures... so I quietly hid my phone and took one anyway.... its totally legit, right?

I want a table like this for behind our couch upstairs.

I really really want this table in my living room upstairs. 
I also really want the old apothecary ones that are the rolling carts... these pieces of furniture make my heart pitter patter.

Ahh the beautiful black and gold.

Some more the of the vintage charm goodness.

Our bathroom downstairs is navy blue and yellow and I "love" this for an empty space I have in there... but I'm debating about whether or not a heart that says love in it is appropriate for the bathroom. Maybe? Maybe not?

These beauties are NEEDED in my house.
I want them on my dresser in the master and as many other places as I can put them.
I'm just waiting for the handle sale at Hobby Lobby and they will be mine... oh and the courage to make the 45 minute trip over there with the kids.

I really want this print to go above the piano in the family room.

I really want some library barn pully's to go downstairs too. 
Every time I find them online they are sold out.... so as soon as my luck wins out I will have some of these bad boys in my possession.

This whole space just speaks to me.
There is a wall in our master bedroom where I want to do this. 
I have a feeling that it will take forever to get this to come together... (read that as: stupid Las Vegas and its inability to fulfill my vintage/antique obsession.)

$50 price tag? For that? 
Just wait till I get some burlap, paint and canvas and its on.

That pillow... oh that pillow.

I have a NEED for that Bakery sign in my house.... even though I'm not a big baker, its really just the beauty of the sign that matters right?

This redo!! Wow! I love everything about this space. I love the giant clock and the bench and the center piece and the buffet.... and everything else.

I stood there and looked at this forever debating whether or not I wanted to buy it.
In the end the fact that I had NOWHERE to put it, or even an idea of where I wanted to put it won out and I left it at the store.
I love the house on it. 
I really love the whole sign.
In the past I have just bought things because I loved them and usually ended up with a garage full of pieces that I loved but had no where to put them, so I stopped buying things unless I knew exactly where I wanted to put it.

Again, nowhere to put it, but I still loved it.

This is one of the first things on my list of things to make at the first of the year. 
It will go in the downstairs family room.

Oh the gorgeousness. 
Lets just take a second to gaze upon this beauty....

Need more time?

Man I love this whole piece.
I will be doing this with our desk, sometime in the near future.

This color combo just makes me happy. 
Aowyns room is these colors and I love to just go hang out and look at all the greatness that these colors are.

Oh swoon!!!
I love all the books and the ladder... one day, one day. 

I need this sign to go above the window in my kitchen.
Man, Ive got a lot of projects this year.

This needs no explanation. 

I will own something like this someday.
Its probably the one piece of furniture that I dream about and search for everywhere I go.
Its just perfect.

For a little while I debated on doing something like this as our headboard in the Master, but in the end a tuft headboard won out. Ill post about my headboard hunt soon.

I want one of these so badly... but that requires having the space for one of these.... and that is something we really don't have right now, so for now Ill just dream of the day I can have one of these.

This is what I am going to do with the vanity in my bedroom. I just love it.
I am also doing something kind of like this to the dresser/tv stand in the family room.

I have something kind of like this in our master bedroom. I love the idea of a shelf on the door with the mirror. 
Ill have to post my mirror soon to show ya'll what I did.

What girl doesn't love Tiffany Blue?

Such a cute idea for a jewelry station.

I want one of these mirrored dressers in my house... anywhere in my house will do.
I would really love to have it in my Master, but I won't be picky, I just want to own it.

I'm not huge fan of animal prints, but I do love this outfit.
It screams comfy yet stylish.

I used this chair as inspiration for my chairs upstairs in our sitting area.
I love the tuft look.

I want to do this to the dresser in Landon and Tayton's room. 
Their room is vintage America, think Route 66 diner type feel.
I think this dressers colors would be perfect in there.

This piece just needs to be in my house so I can love it and look at it everyday.
La sigh! Its just a thing of beauty.

Am I the only one who takes pictures of everything that they love?
I promise I take pictures of my kids and husband too.... really I do.

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