Tuesday, December 30, 2014

O Christmas Tree

My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is by far the Christmas tree, it just makes my soul smile. It's where all the memories live and where the spirit of Christmas past resides.
I love to decorate the tree and talk to the kids about each and every ornament.
I can remember where each one came from.
I can remember who made what and the trip down memory lane always puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Take a walk with me down that oh so marvelous memory lane.

Topping the Tree.

Noah's grandparents send the kids new Ornaments every year.
They always send them right around Thanksgiving and we open them after the tree is all decorated so that we can add them to the tree. 

This is one of my favorite ornaments, It was Braddocs first Christmas and something about it just makes me a bit giddy inside.

Every year we try to go to Disneyland. We have been pretty good about making it every year, but this year since we had no job for half the year we had to cut our Disneyland trip out of the mix (that was such a hard thing to do, we love Disney).
Noah and I always pick out an ornament for us as a couple.
Of course it usually is Mickey and Minnie.

I love all of the Santa worshipping baby Jesus ornaments that we have collected over the years.
I love that it really portrays the true meaning of Christmas.

One year I had several friends (who know me so well) buy me deer ornaments.
I love that even though we don't live near each other anymore I can remember them every year when I decorate the tree.

Noah's family (on his dads side) is from Ireland (the McGuire clan) so this year, as my Christmas present, his Grandparents sent me this glass spun ornaments made and sent from Ireland. I love everything about it.

Of course our tree HAS to be covered in Alabama ornaments. I think we have about 20+ and we usually get a new one every year to add to it.

Noah's Grandpa (Pop Pop) is fantastic at wood work. 
I have several little things he has carved to go around the house and then a Santa and Mrs Claus to go on the tree. I love them. 

I love the tree all lit up at night.
My favorite thing to do it sit on the couch and just stare at the tree.
This year I doubled the light strands so that the tree would really sparkle.

I love that the tree is in the middle of the room upstairs so I can see it from every room. 
Its the way it should be. 

We get a family ornaments every year at Disneyland too.
Usually it says the year on it but sometimes it doesn't.
I always let the kids pick it out.

Twinkling lights on the tree fill me with glee....
Merry Christmas.

I love seeing the ornaments moved to the bottom of the tree.
I know it will be one of those things I miss the most when they are grown.

I love to get as many pictures as I can of the kids in front of the tree.
I love that no matter where we are upstairs I can usually get a picture of the tree in all of my pictures.

This year the kids picked out their ornaments from us.
Landon picked a Mickey Nutcracker since he and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
Aowyn picked out a Minnie Nutcracker because she wanted to be like Landon.

Tayton picked out this glass Mickey.
The kid is notorious from breaking ornaments, I have a pile every year of ones I need to glue back together, so I'm really hoping this little guy survives.

Braddoc's ornament. 
He has been obsessed with all the different Mickey character movies this year, so this ornament was very fitting for that.

I just loved this ornament, so it had to be mine and Noahs.

I love seeing the random ornaments moved and placed on the same branch with others.
Again I know its something I'm going to miss when they are grown.

This was my babies first Christmas ornament.
It makes me smile every year.

One of Noah's ornaments from his childhood.
When we got married I realized that he had TONS of Noah's Arc ornaments. I guess with a name like Noah you will probably end up with some Noah's Arc things.

Noah's Ornament from the year he joined the military.

Anyone who knows my husband.... I mean really knows him, not the shy, quiet guy personality that he portrays to everyone, knows that Goofy and Noah are kindred spirits, so a football playing Goofy is a must for this husband guy.

I love all the ornaments that the kids make and bring home to me too.
Its so fun and a bit sad to see how much they have grown each year. 
My babies are not babies anymore.

I am sad that its almost the first of the year and the time we take down the decorations.
I think I might just leave the tree up longer then everything else.... sounds like a solid plan to me.

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