Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Santa Claus came to town, can you believe it?

Once Christmas comes to a close I am shopping for the next Christmas. I have a specific budget for each child and stick to that budget really well. I shop at thrift stores and try to find the things I want to get for the kids. I shop Black Friday sales and search online deals like a crazy lady all year long so I can make sure I get the most for my money.

This is Aowyns stuff. I got her whole doll house and all the furniture for half the price of just a doll house. I got most of her baby stuff at thrift stores and re did it. She got lots of Care bears that I shopped for at the DI for most of the year for and I ended up paying less then $1 a piece. 

Tayton LOVE stuffed animals and I got most of his at the DI for less then $3 a piece (the big pooh ones were $3) I washed them and they were good as new. I got a great deal of 50% off his plasma car.

Landon loves all sea creatures and I found his a ton of animals at the DI too, wash and clean and as good as new. Most of the rest of his stuff I got for more then 50% off on Black Friday.

All the kids stuff!

Braddoc loves big eyed babies and I spent most of the year collecting them for him. I found his castle for 75% off just on an off chance when I ran into Toys R Us one day. 

We had a great Christmas and I am so grateful that I was able to get so many things that I had wanted to get for our kids for such a great price. We dont buy the kids anything through out the year except for Christmas and their birthdays. They get little random things on other holidays but other then that we never buy them anything. We go big at Christmas since we don't get them other things through out the year. Its what Noah and I decided and what works for us. We get the kids clothes on their Birthdays and Christmas and if they need new things in between (usually the older two because they dont take care of everything) then they have to buy them with money they earn. 

I love Christmas so much. I love to see my kids faces light up and how excited they get at Christmas time. I love telling them the story of Jesus and doing Secret Santas for families near us. I love the spirit that is felt at the holiday seen and I love the pure joy that comes from giving.

I love that my kids still believe in Santa and I hope that we still have several more years of his boyhood innocence and belief in Santa Clause still left.

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