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Micah's wedding

In July 2011 we had the opportunity to go and see one of my best friends, who also happens to be my little brother, get married. 
Micah and Melanie got married in Clackamas, Oregon, on July 24th.
Since we lived in Vegas and did not have a lot of money we decided to drive, instead of fly, while I was almost 6 months pregnant with Aowyn, the 22 hours to Oregon.

Noah was Micahs best man and so the boys and I spent a lot of time in the hotel while daddy went and did Best Man things (like golf and tux fittings). I would like to say I was sweet and kind and gracious, but really I was going out of my mind being big and pregnant and stuck in a hotel for days on end with 3 little boys. 

We did get to get out of the hotel and go to the rehearsal dinner.
We had pizza and for the first time I got to eat California Pizza Kitchen gluten free pizza, (before they stopped doing gluten free) which was so very delicious. My whole family loves pizza (more then me) my husband and big two boys could eat pizza every meal of everyday.

Trying to keep these boys still and not have them run all over during the rehearsal was lots of fun. I think Braddoc ran into the middle of the "ceremony" at least 3 times, it of course did not help that Daddy was part of the ceremony so he wanted to go see daddy.

I did one day convince Noah that I was losing my mind and needed the van so he left it with me and I took off on an adventure with my mom to take the boys to see the Portland, OR temple. This was of course after I shed a lot of pregnant hormonal tears about how miserable I was stuck in the hotel and about how the boys had lots of pent up energy so I was afraid I would lose them if I took them any where. I was also tired and sore and my sciatic nerve was killing me so I was a bit  dramatic (I know, hard to believe right!?)
I finally got up the energy to go and talked my mom into going with us while the guys were running wedding errands.
When we get there we realized the temple was under construction so we did not get to go on the grounds but we did get to see a lot from the side walk.

The wedding was outside at a big beautiful park.
Its was such a gorgeous and hot day. It was so hot I thought I was going to sweat to death. I can't imagine how bad it was for all the guys in big 4 piece tuxs and Melanie in her wedding dress, or maybe I just thought it was so hot because I had my own little built in heater.
Thankfully the dinner was under a pavilion so it wasn't so bad the whole time.
Everyone kept asking if I was finally getting my girl, which I was very happy to report that I was finally pregnant with a girl. 

My sweetheart.

My parents.

My cutie pie brother.

My sweetheart leading in Melanies mom, Renee.

Three of my favorite guys... Micah, My dad, and Noah. (my baby brother Jared was on his mission in Japan for our church and missed the wedding.)

My sister in law, Melanie.

Seriously so happy for these two!!!
GAH!! My baby brother is married!

The wedding party.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how glad I am that we finally upgraded our camera to a better quality one. I wanted one for so long so after I saw these pictures I told Noah that before we had our baby girl I needed a new camera.

Me, Dad, Melanie, Micah, Mom, Dana (my sister)

Braddoc, Tayton, Noah, Landon, Me, Dana, Melanie, Micah, Mom and Dad

Sibling love, minus Jared, we should photo shop him in.

Now one with Granny, my mom's mom, her Great Grand kids all her Sondra Mama.
I adore her, and have such great memories with her. I wish we lived closer so that my kids could develop great memories with her too. When Noah and I were first married we had dinner at her house twice a week (She is my cooking inspiration) and we would always watch American Idol together. She was the one who was with my when I dropped Noah off for him to go to Basic Training and too keep me from bawling my eyes out (too much) she just kept talking to me about how proud of him she was. I ache to be closer to her, to have my kids develop the love for her that I have.

Look at those Hansome guys
I think its funny how Noah looks like he is the same height as them, great photography skills. Noahs pretty significantly taller then them both.

The cake topper was leaning to the side because it was so hot outside.

So cool!!!

I love this brother of mine so much. He is one of my very best friends.
He is definetly a comedian, Melanie is very lucky to have him.

Leaning with cake topper.

Ignore the garbage cans, and just look at the beautiful view.

He busted up his nose falling off the playground equipment. It about gave me a heart attack because it was a big fall, on his neck which twisted under his body backwards and busted up his face in the process. Thankfully the road rash under his nose was the only obvious damage. We were driving a long way back that night and I was so worried that he might have a concussion, especially since he fell asleep almost immediately. 

Someone enjoyed his chocolate just a little too much.

So pretty. I am so glad we got to go to his wedding and be a part of such a special day. 

He now has a baby... who I have yet to see and its killing me!!! Kaysen is such a doll. I stole his pictures from Melanies facebook page.

I want to hold him so badly. He is my first nephew (or niece for that matter). I am finally an Aunt and haven't got to kiss these cute baby cheeks yet, or squeeze his adorable baby rolls, its criminal really. I love this little guy so much.
He looks just like my brother Micah. I miss them so much that sometimes it consumes me and I can't help but cry. Sometimes, some parts of being an adult stink, like having to live in separate states then your siblings. Hopefully one day we will live close again. My kids need to hang out and babysit their cousins.

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