Friday, April 11, 2014

Little newborn Wynnie

I was thinking about how wonderful it is to have a little girl and I as browsing through her newborn pictures. 

She is growing too fast, has it really already been over 2 years since she was in my stomach?

Its hard to remember what life was like with just these three little men.

When browsing through the pictures I realized I had never posted some of the ones I had taken when she was a baby. The first set were taken by a friend Sabrina, for her online business Brinababe boutiques, go here to see her website and here to see the pictures she used of Aowyn and the bows/headbands.

The second half were taken by my wonderful friend Andrea Gray (cool side fact: through doing geneology we discovered we are actually related, pretty neat!!!) She took a break from photography for awhile but here is her stuff.

It still seems so unreal to me that I have a princess!!!

For a brief few weeks out of only vain thoughts I was worried her nose would never fit her face. Now its one of my favorite features on her.

Oh the cuteness could kill me.
Don't tell Noah, but when I was going through these pictures I started to ache for a newborn again.... uh oh!

My angel!!!

So hard to believe she was tiny enough to fit in his pocket.

My friend, Kirsten, (my soul sister) made Aowyn her blessing gown too and had picture taken of it before she sent it to me. She made both Aowyn and Taytons blessing outfits. I am in love!

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