Sunday, April 06, 2014

Beach with Friends

This past summer we had the chance to meet up some of our VERY BEST FRIENDS, the Armstrongs in California.
We were stationed at Nellis with them and Noah and Jon worked in the same shop. Landon and Ila (their oldest) are only a date apart and we have been friends basically since we first met when Noah introduced me to Kirsten at Walmart, shortly after our babies were born. 
They lived off base and moved on base, just down the road from us so we spent a lot of time together.
They were stationed in Alaska right after Noah deployed which was really hard for me because I felt like I lost my husband and my best friend in the same month. But thankfully Noahs family still lives in Alaska so we got to see them once a year when we went to visit.
When they moved to New Mexico in 2012 we were also moving to Utah and we got into our house a few days before they passed through, they stayed with us for the night and so we got to see them again. 
We have seen each other every year since they moved away so this summer we decided it was time to meet up again. 
We planned on California and Disneyland!!!

The first pictures are of some friends that I also adore, The Nelsons, that we met up with when we passed through Vegas on the way to California.

Aowyn was obsessed with my little brother Jared.

We spent Landon and Ilas birthday at disneyland and so they got to open their presents together.
This was also a surprise for them because they just thought we were meeting up to hang out together at the hotel, they had no idea we were going to be going to Disneyland.
We gave them gifts and had them guess where we were going.
they were pumped!!!

There were 6 kids all together (and Kirsten was pregnant, so one on the way!!)

The first day there we went to the Beach.

Landon learned about body surfing and absolutely loved it!!!

Aside from the fact that even though I lathered us all up in lotion we all still burn, and the fact that we lost Landon and the Armstrongs little girl Aisley (seperately) for about 5 minutes each (which were the scariest 5 minutes of my life, I had no idea if he was in the water, on the beach, or if someone had taken him. It was terrifying! He had gone to the showers to wash up and she had waundered over to a family a few blankets away) It was a really fun beach trip.

Disneyland pictures up next!!

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