Sunday, March 09, 2014

Peanut butter, anyone?

Tayton and Aowyn are double trouble. 
At this point in my mothering life Im asking Heavenly Father why he chose to bless us with a surprise baby who would arrive a mere 17 months after her big brother.
These two are best buddies and get into loads of trouble. I dont have anytime to myself it feels like. If I try to shower while they are awake they are destroying something. If I try to pee while they are awake they are destroying something and even when I try to be a good mom and cook dinner, they are getting into something and making a royal mess.

I literally feel like I am running around just cleaning up from one mess to the next. 
I exhaust all my energy on a daily basis just by trying to keep up with them and keep them out of trouble.

Tayton likes to get into food, I think thats his biggest trouble making streak. 
I showed a picture back in this post that had Tayton with his hand, literally the WHOLE hand in the peanut butter jar. One day I found him standing in the kitchen WIPING his butt and eating chocolate chips out of the container. I threw those away. The peanut butter is also gone and I have had to move things to crazy weird hiding spots to keep him from getting into them and then sometimes in all my genius efforts I manage to hide it from myself too.

This particular day I was bagging pretzels to take as the snack for when we went to pick up Braddoc. Tayton came in cleaning his hands off, I wasn't sure what he was cleaning off, but I now know it was peanut butter. I went looking for Aowyn and calling all over for her but I could not find her. Finally I went to straighten the living room up in my frustration, knowing she was hiding from me... she is an expert hider and can be quiet as a mouse when she wants to be and when I scooted the chair back Tayton said "No mom! Aowyns back there." So glad he told me 5-10 minutes before when I started to look for his sister.

I pull the chair back out and sure enough there she is.

This is what I found.....

How exactly does one get peanut butter on their foot? 
I'm pretty sure the foot went INTO the jar at one point.

My poor chair was destroyed by peanut oil.... good thing I bought it with the intent to refinish it or the tears might have started to flow.
AND good thing its the back of the chair and ya'll would have never known if I hadn't told you.

A wonderful friend told me years ago a quote that I "try" to live by.... "Don't get mad, take a picture." So this is me not getting mad and taking a picture and trying not to cry all at the same time. I really wanted to yell at them this time. I put the lid on the jar and then walked away to get the camera, it gave me enough time to cool off.
I cleaned her up and sat down with her and Tayton and told them how sad it made me that they did that.
Tayton promised to never do it again and I have to cover up a chuckle because I knew he would do something pretty similar the next day.

Sometimes I can look back on this and laugh.... most of the time. The other half of the time I am still living in this craziness so the laughter is a bit farther away.

I love my kids... I really do! And one day I may just miss the peanut butter hands and the little trouble making twosome's many adventures. 

I can officially say that I can now look back on thisthis, and this and say I can laugh now. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. My days are filled with a combination of tears and laughter.
I have this quote on my wall to remind me that I will indeed (believe it or not) miss these crazy peanut butter mess filled days.

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