Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life among chaos

Geotrax's are a source of joy and pain around here.
Braddoc and Tayton both LOVE them, but Braddoc does NOT like to share or play with anyone else when he is in the Geotrax zone. It causes a lot of fights in our house, so much so to the point when I am seriously debating selling them all off and just getting rid of the thing that causes them so much undue anger. I hate that they fight over something that could be so fun. I will put them away and then get them back out after a few months, hoping that the anger and fighting will not return with them, but it always does.
Braddoc is really good at making tracks, I love to watch his little mind work.
Its therapeutic for him, but only when he is ALONE.

This boy and I butt heads like crazy.
Probably because we are both a lot alike in so many ways.
I see him doing some of the same things I did as a kid. I know he just wants to be heard and validated and to feel like he has a place in this world. I know he is looking for some kind of validation but sometimes I feel like I am drowning in the parenting river with him.
He is so full of attitude and thoughts of entitlements that it drives me crazy.
He rarely talks to me or Noah in a kind and loving manner. 
When we sit down with him and talk to him about how rude he is to us (sometimes these little talks can happen multiple times a day), he will apologize and change for about an hour and then the attitude and rudeness is back.
I have been searching the Internet for parenting tips on dealing with this age and on how to help him not be so rude and to say things in a kinder way. Sometimes I don't eve think he realizes he is being so rube and hurtful with his tone of voice. I am currently reading a book called The Entitlement Trap and trying to put to use some of the advice I am finding.

He really is a good kid and most people just love him.
He had a girl in his class stay after school late the other day and wait for him, when she saw him she told him she "like liked" him. I was a bit impressed and terrified of this 2nd grade girls bravery. 
I'm so not ready for this.
When is is good he is GREAT! and sweet and caring and so smart, and he really does try so hard. 
When he was 3 I was ready to move on from that age and get out of the craziness that a 3 year old brought into my life. I have now come to realize that each age has its fair share of joys and trials. There is no perfect age (at least I haven't found it yet) but there is something perfect about each age. 

This little girl has come into her own far share of attitude and fit throwing.
She has mastered the huffing and puffing, arms folded, glaring through the bottom of her eye lids, walk off pouting tactic and its driving me bonkers. She also has started spitting at you when she is mad at you (happens to her brothers a lot) and her favorite word to say is, "Mo!" (No!)
She is as girly as they come and gets into my makeup and nail polish on a regular basis.
She thinks she is one of the big kids and expects to be treat as such.
She is full of kisses and hugs and is a good little mommy to her big brothers.

Tayton is causing me more gray hairs then I thought one kid possibly could.
He is the sweetest handful ever.
After a long stressful day of chasing him around he tells me in his tiny precious voice... "I love you so much mommy. I love you forever." and then I have a renewed energy to forge onto another day of chaos.

Laundry lives on my couch. 
I can never seem to get caught up.

Every night we all cuddle and watch a show and/or read a book. 
It is really my favorite part of the day some days.

I fall more and more in love with this guy everyday.
He is so good to me.
We have our rough moments like every marriage but for the most part after 9 year of marriage we have figured a lot of stuff out and are a pretty great team. I could not imagine being more in love with him and then he proves me wrong and makes me even more in love.
I think I am a pretty lucky girl. I know that it will only get better and we will grow so much more as the years go on. Im glad I get to travel this crazy road with the love of my life.

This girl is silly!!!

These boys are silly.

Aowyn loves to play in the water.
Some days its cute... and some days it drives me batty.
This little play time adds to the above picture of laundry way too many times a day to always be enjoyable, but hey, they are only so little once. 

If I am feeling sick, Braddoc will make me my lunch.
I had a ruptured ear drum and went to bed early one day for a nap (Noah was off). Braddoc made me a lunch for when I woke up.
Its a protein bar, a rice cake, and bagel chips.
There was also a cup of milk but Noah drank that, this mommy HATES milk.
I think Braddoc packs me a lunch or makes me food several times a week, wether I am feeling sick or not. He is such a sweet boy.

These two are pretty great friends.
I love it when they are getting along.

Life is just full or craziness and happiness.
Half the time I feel like Im losing my mind and the other half the time I feel perfectly sane.... go figure.

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