Monday, March 17, 2014

Its always crazy in this house

While I was working on my lesson for church Aowyn decided she wanted to help and drew all over one of my pages, so I got her, her own paper and she did some work too.
For whatever reason she thinks she has to sit on the table ALL the time.

Whenever I am brushing my teeth, doing my hair, or putting on Make-up Aowyn has to join me in doing the same thing.
This time she had to floss her teeth.

Tayton asked for Ice Cream and I told him not till after dinner and then I asked him to put it away.
He put it away and about an hour later I went to get something out of the fridge and found where he put it back.
I also found a car in there later.

This is a pretty common sight in our house.
A full roll of toilet paper in the sink, full of water.

Braddoc and Landon have bother decided that they like to help cook and they have both been very big helpers lately

Aowyn falls asleep about half in the time in the car on our way to get Braddoc from school

Braddoc had something weird happen to his tongue.
I was told by friends that it is geographic tongue.

Day 2

I was talking to Noah on the phone and Aowyn wanted my attention, so of course she had to shove her head between my legs. Almost every time we are in the car Landon and Aowyn hold hands.

Aowyn got into the diaper rash cream and went on a little adventure with it while I was doing our taxes.

 Tayton and Aowyn gave me a nice Valentines day gift while I was in the shower.
I came back later to find the bed completely stripped, sheets and all.

 My handsome guys making breakfast for dinner after church one day.

The boys got into some stickers and made themselves silly faces out of them.
Aowyn thought they were pretty silly but did not want to wear any.

Tayton was mad at me because we ran out of gum.
I only bought 10 packs a week before when I went to the store.
Apparently it was not enough.

After living with the pile of clean laundry that I kept adding too for over a week, I FINALLY got around to tackling it.

The snow melted and its been warm enough for the kids to go out and play on the trampoline.

Noah cleaned off the windows on the van (along with the rest of the van. He is a pretty awesome guy,) so I could put our Alabama sticker on that we got for Christmas.
As soon as I started to put it on I realized how cheap the vinyl was. It kept peeling parts off and was just making a huge mess. I finally got most of the sticker off but was left with the top part of the "A", eventually Ill get around to getting that part off.

Tayton and Aowyn have been sneaking the peanut butter off into crazy locations.
This particular time I found them making art on the back of one of my chairs.
I have more pictures of this, but it requires its own blog post which you can find here.

 With Braddoc going to Spectrum (his new school for kid with Autism that is 30-45 minutes away) we went from using 1.5 tanks of gas in 2 weeks, to 2 tanks of gas A WEEK. There goes our savings. But he is loving it and its such a blessing, so we'll take the trade off.

I FINALLY got around to cleaning out the fridge and realized that I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to go grocery shopping. I took the 3 littles with me after we got Braddoc from school, because it needed to be done and we did not last even 15 minutes before Braddoc was so overwhelmed and overstimulated that he was screaming and hitting and just really struggling. I stopped my shopping and went to check out where I was bombarded with strangers criticing my parenting and telling me that my son needed a good beating. I was already on the verge of tears and I was trying to keep Braddoc from running away while trying to get Aowyn to sit down the in cart and telling Tayton to just stay put that I didn't have it any me to say a word to them.
Its on days like that where I think being a hermit and never leaving the house sounds great.

Noahs "man brain" cracks me up. I asked him to put the Valentines bin away in the garage on the shelf to the left of the door, above the water barrels in the big open spot on that shelf.
He put the bin on top of the water barrels.
I seriously died laughing when I saw it and asked him why he put it there.
He said, "You told me to put it above the water barrels so I did."
Ahhhh and thats what happens when you only hear half of what your wife said.

Tayton went on a chalk rampage while I was cleaning up the above peanut butter paintings.
Seriously how does that kid get into so much trouble so quickly?
On this particular day I literally went from cleaning up one mess to the next.

He also during this time managed to get part of the hallway super wet.

If Aowyn sees anyone with gum in their mouth, she will go up to them and say, "I unt dum!" (I want gum.) and she will say it to you over and over until you give her your gum. And its not just family members, she will do this with just about anyone.
She was showing me the gum she took from me.

Then we just decided to be silly..
(see my baby hairs? Anyone else have this problem?)

Silly kisses!

Aowyn loves to play in the skin and gets soaked all the time.
This particular day she changed her clothes about 8 different times.
I chuckled when I saw her in this new outfit with her skirt stuck in her undies.

She loves to watch princess movies and cuddle with her daddy.
Her and Tayton also love to destroy the blinds.

Tayton has started this new thing that I like to call a little "90's SUPERSTAR" where he will end his dancing or a story by jumping in the air to separate his feet and throws his hands in the air while pointing his pointer fingers in the air.
Its super cute!!!

I have been super bummed lately that I can't eat girl scout cookies.
I had been craving the Tagalongs and so I finally decided to make some.
They were super fast and easy..... 

Two of our friends, Kalab and Rio came over for dinner and then played Hide and Go Seek tag with the kids. Aowyn stuck by Rio and when it was Rio's turn to count Aowyn had to copy her.
It was so precious! I glad my kids have people who love them so much.

Its been wild and crazy and super busy around here the last two weeks.
I've been sick with a sinus infection and just want to lay down and sleep for days, but there is way to much happening around here for me to do that.
One day I know I'll be able to take all the naps I want and need and I will miss the 4 sets of little hands that used to keep me too busy for naps.

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