Saturday, February 15, 2014

Basketball has begun

Landon started basketball back in January and he had his first game this week.
His team is not the greatest, though we wouldn't talk to him about that too much.
I have a feeling he is going to learn a lot about being a gracious loser this year.

He is #10.

We got an outdoor basketball hoop this past summer and Landon lived outside playing with it.
He got really good.
He has a lot of speed and is a really great shot.
He and maybe 2 other kids on his team actually know what they are doing and are not afraid of the ball.

The team that they played were pretty great.
Landon was one of only a few kids on his team that actually stayed with and guarded the people they were supposed too.
He got very frustrated that he did not get the ball a lot because no one on his team passed AT ALL.
If one of them got the ball they tried to take it to the basket themselves and most of the time ended up getting the ball taken from them.
All most all of the times Landon got the ball he would pass it if he thought he could not make it to the basket with out getting the ball taken from him.
This resulted in him getting several assists.

Braddoc was my budding photographer for this game and took most of the pictures for me.
Some of them turned out great and some of them were of the ceiling, the floor and the back of peoples heads.
He actually did a pretty good job all together.

Taytons nose was running like crazy, and Braddoc of course was smart enough to document that.

Landon was one of two kids that played 28 minutes of the 32 minute game. They broke each 8 minute period into 2 four minute ones and he only sat out for 4 minutes of the whole game.

They did not keep score which really bothered me.
These kids are 7 and 8 years old, when do we start teaching them about winning and losing?
I am not a fan of the "everyones a winner" mentality, because that's really not how it works as they get older. We talked a lot to Landon about how someone always has to lose, thats just the way that it works, and just because your team loses doesn't mean that they didn't work hard and play well.
I think its important to teach them about hard work and perseverance and dedication.
These kids kept score in their heads anyway, so why not put it on the score board.
After talking to a lot of the parents of kids on the team I realized that most of Landons team will probably never play again. They wanted their kids to try it out and most of them don't like it.
Im all for kids trying things out but I also feel bad for my son who is totally a sports fiend.

Landon was in tears by the time we got home. 
He was so upset that he did not get the ball.
He was frustrated that his team did not know what they were doing most of the time and that the other team clearly did.
He was irritated that his team lost.
He said that because they lost he was not a good player. 
He thought that because no one passed to him or got open under the basket that he was a bad player.
He has been really into watching the Utah Jazz basketball game on tv.
I talked to him about how the Jazz lose a lot more games then they win and if that meant that they were a terrible team. He said No. I then asked him if all the players on the team were bad because they lost. His reply was again No. The last question I asked him was about who makes up a team. I asked him if one specific person lost his game for them, or if one specific person lost the Jazz games for them. Of course he replied No. We talked after that about how teams win and lose together. They have to learn to play together and work as a team, just because his team mates did not pass to him did not mean he was a bad player, they just haven't learn to play the game yet as a team. 
Noah and I are big sports people.
Its a big part of our life and I feel like so many life lessons can be learned while playing sports.
I am disappointed that leagues chose not to keep score or chose to play with "dumbed down" rules. I don't think that this thought process does anyone any good. Eventually, if they keep playing they will have to relearn the right rules and learn how to lose. 
Why do we chose to shelter our kids and make it to where every one wins. 
Life is hard and sometimes we don't "win", and its in those times that we really learn who we are and we learn to pick ourselves up and try again. We learn to work harder and to be grateful for the wins. We come to learn that loses can make us better because they make us push ourselves a little bit farther then we did last time.
It doesn't matter how many times we fall (or lose), what really matters is how many times we get back up, and who we are when we get back up.

Hopefully next year they will start keeping score, but in the mean time we will keep the score for Landon and teach him that every lose is just as important and valuable as every win.

Just had to throw in this super cheesy picture of my super cute hubby.
Good picture taking Braddoc.

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