Saturday, February 08, 2014

A little Saturday Dinosaur riding: No Big Deal!

Being a little sister to 3 big brothers can be a little bit dangerous.
When the boys are playing hide and seek, Aowyn wants to join in and will tip toe around with her finger to her lips saying "Shhhh!" She actually is not very quiet or sneaky and no one wants her to hid with them, so in the end she usually ends up finding me to hang out with.

When the boys play trains I hear a lot of, "Aowyn, no! Aowyn stop! Aowyn go away!" 
Lets just say they don't enjoy baby godzilla wrecking everything they have worked so hard to build.

So most of the time Aowyn is my best friend and attached to my hip.

There are some days however that she has simply had enough of being left out of everything and she decides to start her own game.
Today that game happened to be a little friendly dinosaur riding.

She came "riding" down the hall on one of the boys dinosaurs. 

She went from one end of our 60 foot hall way to about the mid way point.
She was yelling "eh ah!" Her own little version of "yee haw". 

She had woken up from nap and like most days was wearing a totally new outfit then what she wore when I put her down.
She has great fashion sense don't you think?

She slide the dinosaur perfectly along the floor and stayed on it super well. 
Im not really sure how she managed to do it because the dinosaur was pretty small.
She was walking her little tiny legs while holding her body on the dinosaur.
It was a pretty fantastic work out really. I wish I was that skilled in my mid section to walk like that.

At one point she threw her body back and acted like the dinosaur had bucked her off.
She responded by saying, "whoa!" and getting right back up and on.
You can't slow this dinosaur wrangling "cowgirl"(?) down.

This little girl makes me laugh all the time.
She has so much spirit and personality and I am so lucky to be her mom.
She knows how to bring our family together and helps us create great memories.

Just another typical Saturday in our house.
We like to ride dinosaurs, its really no big deal. Thats just how we roll!

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