Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick and easy Bean Tacos

We love fast and easy meals in this house.
I will admit in our house we have had some pretty nasty experiments in the name of making a real quick dinner.
Back when Noah and I were newly married and then for several years after that he would cook dinner using no recipe and just throwing in things he found in the kitchen. 
Its not easy to tell your kids to eat their dinner when you are also moving it around on your plate in an effort to look like you are eating. 

One dark and stormy night, a few years ago, Noah was going to be cooking dinner because I was running late and I remember ending our conversation with, "Please follow a recipe, don't make one of your experiments, okay?" It was on that night that our world changed forever..... Noah started following recipes and we realized that he actually is a very good cook, as long as the recipe is pretty straight forward. WAHOO!!!! Noah's secret was discovered, never to be hidden from my eyes again, and our house became a two cook home.

Here is one of our quick and easy, no brainer, super delicious meals that will be sure to fill you right up. Its also pretty easy if your kids want to help out. Landon (our oldest) likes to help me out with this one.

Black Bean Tacos

2 cups black beans
1/2 minced onion
1 small can diced green chiles
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp paprika
4-6 oz Mozzerella or Cheddar Jack Cheese
Corn Tortillas
3 TBS olive oil
Sour cream
Hot sauce

Start by combing your beans, green chiles, cumin, paprika and onions together.

Get your oil hot and add on one side, black bean mix and a small hand full of cheese.

Fold the other side of the tortilla over and press it together with your spatula. 
Let it cook for about 3 minutes on each side.
Move your taco over to the side of the pan and add another Taco repeating the same steps.

You should be able to fit at least 2-3 tacos in your pan. 
I used a cast iron skillet  (any skillet will work) and could fit 3 tacos in. 

Some of the beans will fall out, so I just scooped out any extra before I put a new taco on to cook.
Move the tacos onto a paper towel to absorb the oil and when you are all done, enjoy!!!
The sour cream, hot sauce and salsa are for dipping..


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Santa Claus came to town, can you believe it?

Once Christmas comes to a close I am shopping for the next Christmas. I have a specific budget for each child and stick to that budget really well. I shop at thrift stores and try to find the things I want to get for the kids. I shop Black Friday sales and search online deals like a crazy lady all year long so I can make sure I get the most for my money.

This is Aowyns stuff. I got her whole doll house and all the furniture for half the price of just a doll house. I got most of her baby stuff at thrift stores and re did it. She got lots of Care bears that I shopped for at the DI for most of the year for and I ended up paying less then $1 a piece. 

Tayton LOVE stuffed animals and I got most of his at the DI for less then $3 a piece (the big pooh ones were $3) I washed them and they were good as new. I got a great deal of 50% off his plasma car.

Landon loves all sea creatures and I found his a ton of animals at the DI too, wash and clean and as good as new. Most of the rest of his stuff I got for more then 50% off on Black Friday.

All the kids stuff!

Braddoc loves big eyed babies and I spent most of the year collecting them for him. I found his castle for 75% off just on an off chance when I ran into Toys R Us one day. 

We had a great Christmas and I am so grateful that I was able to get so many things that I had wanted to get for our kids for such a great price. We dont buy the kids anything through out the year except for Christmas and their birthdays. They get little random things on other holidays but other then that we never buy them anything. We go big at Christmas since we don't get them other things through out the year. Its what Noah and I decided and what works for us. We get the kids clothes on their Birthdays and Christmas and if they need new things in between (usually the older two because they dont take care of everything) then they have to buy them with money they earn. 

I love Christmas so much. I love to see my kids faces light up and how excited they get at Christmas time. I love telling them the story of Jesus and doing Secret Santas for families near us. I love the spirit that is felt at the holiday seen and I love the pure joy that comes from giving.

I love that my kids still believe in Santa and I hope that we still have several more years of his boyhood innocence and belief in Santa Clause still left.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Low Key Valentines day

We had a pretty low key valentines day around here.
Both boys had a party at school. 
I wasn't allowed to go to Braddocs but I did get to go and hang out with Landon at his party.
Noah and I planned a small at home date for us. Chicken dip (recipe here), cider, peanut butter M&M's and a game of Ticket to Ride. Our plans got cut short because KEYN WOKE UP!!! Which was awesome, so we moved our Valentines day plans back a few days.

I am so in love with my Valentine. He makes me feel so loved and special almost everyday.
I was excited to get to spend a low key night at home with him and just enjoy spending time with each other. We plan a date night (even if its just at home) every week so that we know we will be spending time together because daily life can get so crazy.

We have been "dating" now for over 10.5 years.
I still can't believe he is mine and I am his.
Sometimes I forget who those young love birds were. 
It seems like we fell in love so long ago and just yesterday all at the same time.

I made both older boys Yoda Valentines with Glow stick light sabers.
They LOVED them and both of them cut out the valentines, which was so awesome of them.
They really enjoyed being a part of the valentine making process.

Braddoc did not want me to take his picture.
I tried to get him and his box that he made to collect Valentines in, but he was not happy about it.

***Notice Tayton in the back ground with his hands chilling in peanut butter. I did not even realize he was doing this till I looked at the pictures. GAH!! That kid is always into something, but he sure is cute.***

Landon loves to get dressed up and usually wears something like this to school everyday.
On Valentines Eve Landon asked me to make him a pink shirt with Happy Valentines Day written in the middle with hearts all round the words making a big heart.
I thought it was super sweet of him and such a neat idea, but giving me one night to make it was not enough time. He finally settled on this outfit. What a handsome guy!

For our "Low key, saving money to get out of the military Valentines Day", Noah got me a cranberry Sobe and some chocolate covered Macadamian Nuts. 
He sure does know the way to my heart.
LOVE that guy!
I got him spicy jalapeno Cheetos, Tapatio Doritos, and Maple Nut goodies.
The way to our heart is with food, apparently.

I loved spending Valentines day with my loves and making Heart shaped Pizza's for dinner.
We gave the kids little heart bags full of chocolates.
They proceeded to eat almost all of their candy before dinner.
Apparently the way to their hearts is with candy.... who knew?!
There is no place I would have rather been.

Monday, February 24, 2014

How would the Lord plead your case?

I absolutely LOVE listening to conference talks. It brings such peace and clarity into my hectic life. I listen to them while I am cooking, cleaning, eating and driving. I love to listen to the words and pondering on the messages. I try to go read the ones that really touched me later and write my thoughts on them in my Spiritual Journal. I find on the days that I don't make/take the time to listen to a few talks that I have a much harder time being a long suffering and patient mother.
Life with 4 kids who are all still little and need me for so many things physically, is exhausting. I need constant nourishment and strength and I find that strength in listening to conference talks.
I can get a lot done while listening to the talks so it fits in perfect with my crazy life.

 I was listening to talks from the April 1991 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I absolutely fell in love with this talk.
 I love the way that he paints such a real picture of a trial while he talks.
I love the way that he talks about Satan and his counsel and how smart and "brilliant" they can be.

"Citing several of you by name, he said, “If these defendants have lived this long and have not yet taken serious steps to qualify for their ultimate inheritance, why should we waste further time of the court? Let us simply enter judgment against them now and be done with it.” So powerful was his presentation that many in the public gallery applauded when he concluded."

After I heard this talk I pondered for a long time (and continue to ponder) on the things he said. I asked myself, "What facts have I given Jesus Christ, my chief Advocate, to present on my behalf?"
Have I given Satan plenty of material to work with to try "prove" that I am not worthy of my Inheritance? Or do I live my life so that he and his counsel have very little to use against me?
Are my daily acts in keeping with the kind of person who Christ can defend beautifully?

"Humbly, softly, meaningfully, and compellingly, he pled your case. I knew the impact he was having when I saw tears streaming down the cheeks of many in the courtroom. I don’t remember all of his arguments and logic, but I do remember him saying that man is a little lower than the angels (see Ps. 8:5) and that the worth of souls is great (seeD&C 18:10). In one of the most majestic moments, his eyes filled with compassion and his voice quivering with indignation, he admonished, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.” (John 8:7.) one has the right to judge the sum total of a man’s life until that life has been lived."

Fortunately for you, your life’s facts can still be created. No matter how long you have lived, no matter how many mistakes you have made, your life’s story can still be changed. It can still be written. It is not too late. Please, I plead with you, help him to help you win your ultimate inheritance.

I hope that this talk touches you the way that it touched me.
I am so glad I was blessed to hear this talk.

"The Ultimate Inheritance"- Cree Kofford
You can watch or listen to it here. I highly recommend listening to the talk. They way that the speaker can paint a picture with his words and his voice is amazing. His voice reminds me of one of those old radio shows that people would listen too, before tvs came along. Seriously one of the best voices!

Standing at this historic pulpit with memories of those men and women who have stood here before me filling my thoughts, I am reminded of the admonition given to Moses when he was told, “Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.” (Ex. 3:5.)
I pray that as I stand upon this holy ground I may do so with my shoes from off my feet.
I desire to teach you concerning matters of eternal significance. In doing so I shall speak allegorically, which simply means that I will teach by using a story which has symbolic meanings.
In an allegorical sense, I am here today as a member of the trial team assembled by your chief advocate. We have now received the legal action in which each of you has been named as a party defendant. I and others of the trial team have reviewed the pleadings carefully and have confirmed that the real purpose of opposing counsel is to prove that you are noteligible to receive your ultimate inheritance. Our adversary’s trial team is even now working tirelessly to assemble the facts necessary to bring about your defeat.
By virtue of motions made, heard, and previously decided, we have been compelled to produce, on behalf of each of you, all records relating to your business and personal transactions. These include a schedule of your neighbors, friends, and business acquaintances. Additionally, full disclosure concerning your spouse, your children, your parents, and members of your extended family has been made.
You should know that our adversary is prepared to spend such time, effort, and money as is necessary to deprive you of your inheritance. They have already expended untold millions of dollars in preparing their case against each of you. They have hired gifted, talented, and experienced people to work for them. They intend to win!
Fortunately, you are represented by the most skilled, capable, and diligent counsel I have ever seen. It’s amazing to watch him as he argues on your behalf before the Supreme Judge.
For example, our adversary brought a motion seeking an order that some of you have already forfeited your rights to your ultimate inheritance and therefore a summary judgment should be entered against you. I must admit he was brilliant in his presentation. For a time it seemed to me that he would prevail. Many of the court personnel were nodding their heads in seeming agreement with him. His argument was powerful.
Citing several of you by name, he said, “If these defendants have lived this long and have not yet taken serious steps to qualify for their ultimate inheritance, why should we waste further time of the court? Let us simply enter judgment against them now and be done with it.” So powerful was his presentation that many in the public gallery applauded when he concluded.
You could have heard a pin drop when your chief advocate arose. The suspense in the courtroom was electrifying. What arguments could he possibly make that would overcome those just presented? I wish you could have been there.
In contrast to the bombastic and cynical arguments of opposing counsel, your advocate began your defense as a trickle and built to the force of a mighty river. Humbly, softly, meaningfully, and compellingly, he pled your case. I knew the impact he was having when I saw tears streaming down the cheeks of many in the courtroom. I don’t remember all of his arguments and logic, but I do remember him saying that man is a little lower than the angels (see Ps. 8:5) and that the worth of souls is great (seeD&C 18:10). In one of the most majestic moments, his eyes filled with compassion and his voice quivering with indignation, he admonished, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.” (John 8:7.)
He went on to argue that “this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God” (see Alma 34:32) and closed with a breathtaking summary in which he said no one has the right to judge the sum total of a man’s life until that life has been lived.
There was silence in the room when he finished, silence broken only by the voice of the Supreme Judge announcing his decision: “Motion of counsel for the plaintiffs is denied. The issues sought to be summarily decided here are better left until trial of this matter on the merits,” he said.
Now, in preparation for your appearance on the witness stand, you should be advised that, in the law, we have what are known as threshold questions. These are simply questions that are the point of beginning, or the starting place. The threshold question in your trial is, Do you love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind? (See Matt. 22:37.) If the answer is no, there will be a motion for judgment against you. That motion will be granted.
On the other hand, if you answer yes, opposing counsel will immediately test the validity of your answer with the question, Do you keep his commandments? (See John 14:15.) A negative response will reveal your fraud, and you will stand judged by your own testimony. If your answer is in the affirmative, there will then follow hours, perhaps days, of questions, each designed to prove that you do not, in fact, keep his commandments. Among those questions will be the following:
  1. 1. 
    Do you love your neighbor as yourself? (See Matt. 22:39.)
  2. 2. 
    Do you place worldly pursuits or personal pleasures above your service to God? (See Ex. 20:3.)
  3. 3. 
    Do you take the name of the Lord God in vain? (See Ex. 20:7.)
  4. 4. 
    Do you keep the Sabbath day holy? (See Ex. 20:8.)
  5. 5. 
    Do you honor your father and mother? (See Ex. 20:12.)
  6. 6. 
    Do you commit adultery or fornication? (See Ex. 20:14.)
  7. 7. 
    Do you steal? (See Ex. 20:15.)
  8. 8. 
    Do you bear false witness? (See Ex. 20:16.)
  9. 9. 
    Do you covet? (See Ex. 20:17.)
Remember, opposing counsel and his trial team will be fully conversant with your conduct and behavior. Witnesses will have been subpoenaed by them to testify against you. Your neighbors will present their testimony concerning your conduct with them. Those who have observed your Sabbath day activity will be called to the stand. On each point where you are vulnerable, witnesses will be produced to contradict your sworn testimony.
As your counsel we will, of course, be equally well prepared. Your chief counsel will produce every witness favorable to you and elicit from them every fact which may be used on your behalf.
However, one thing is clear—the ultimate outcome of your case is dependent upon the facts which you provide. There’s an old adage among trial lawyers that says, “We don’t make the facts, we only present them.” The facts which represent your life are the facts that will ultimately determine your victory or your defeat.
That is one of the reasons I have come today. I have been asked to see that you are clearly informed concerning this matter and to urge you, where necessary, to create facts which will allow the Supreme Judge to find on your behalf. Fortunately for you, your life’s facts can still be created. No matter how long you have lived, no matter how many mistakes you have made, your life’s story can still be changed. It can still be written. It is not too late. Please, I plead with you, help him to help you win your ultimate inheritance.
Now before closing, I should like to express my deep love to Ila, who is my sweetheart and my heartbeat. I honor her and the womanhood which she so elegantly represents. I love our five children, who are my best friends, and our twelve grandchildren, who regularly teach me the joy of unconditional love.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Best chicken dip EVER

This last week has been super crazy. Braddoc got into a school that is for kids with Autism, we are so excited about it but he is in half day kindergarten and the school is anywhere from 30-45 minutes away, one way. Noah drops him off in the morning before work and I leave to pick him up at 11 and get home around 12:30. The little and I spend a lot of time in the car.

I had several follow ups for my kidney disease (Medullary Sponge Kidney) along with a CT scan  and a couple of appointments for a Dermoid Cyst that they found on my right ovary. And in the middle of all that I woke up in the middle of the night to a nasty sinus infection that was pushing fluid so hard against my ear drum that I thought I had ruptured my right ear drum. My head has been hurting so bad all week. Its the sinus cavity that's above and behind your eyes and I have felt like someone was stabbing me in the forehead and temples. I got put on lots of meds that are making my depth perception totally off and I am ready to just feel healthy again.

Noah's brother woke up from his coma on Valentines day and so we get to talk to him every night on face time. And are really enjoying seeing him and are so grateful that he is awake.

Needless to say through the last week I have not gotten on here and updated much of anything. When I think about sitting down on the computer when I have a few minutes to breath I really just want to rest my head and my eyes, so the blogging got put on the back burner.

Anyway today I wanted to share my ALL TIME favorite dip. We literally make this dip every weekend during College Football season, Roll Tide, and for any gathering that we are going to have. We are trying to save money for when Noah gets out of the military so when Noah and I started to talk about Valentines day we decided we wanted to have Cider, Chicken dip and Peanut Butter M&M's and play some Ticket to Ride. With Noah's brother waking up on Valentines day our SUPER romantic date night plans changed to talking to his brother. So we made up for it through out the week. One night of Ticket to Ride and M&M's and one night of Chicken Dip, Cider and a movie that we both fell asleep too after 25 minutes (we were/ARE exhausted).

This dip is super easy to make and really takes ZERO thought at all.


1 cup of Ranch (I like name brand for this, the generic usually gives too much of a Ranchy taste)
1 cup of mozzerella cheese
1 small can of Chicken
1 8oz block of cream cheese
1/4 Tapatio hot sauce (we have tried other hot sauces and this is by far the best one)

In a crockpot combine all of the ingredients and cook until the cheese's are melted (it takes about 30-45 minutes)
Stir together and ENJOY.

We often times will double the recipe to have leftovers. 
We do a single batch in our small crockpot and a double batch in the large crockpot.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Basketball has begun

Landon started basketball back in January and he had his first game this week.
His team is not the greatest, though we wouldn't talk to him about that too much.
I have a feeling he is going to learn a lot about being a gracious loser this year.

He is #10.

We got an outdoor basketball hoop this past summer and Landon lived outside playing with it.
He got really good.
He has a lot of speed and is a really great shot.
He and maybe 2 other kids on his team actually know what they are doing and are not afraid of the ball.

The team that they played were pretty great.
Landon was one of only a few kids on his team that actually stayed with and guarded the people they were supposed too.
He got very frustrated that he did not get the ball a lot because no one on his team passed AT ALL.
If one of them got the ball they tried to take it to the basket themselves and most of the time ended up getting the ball taken from them.
All most all of the times Landon got the ball he would pass it if he thought he could not make it to the basket with out getting the ball taken from him.
This resulted in him getting several assists.

Braddoc was my budding photographer for this game and took most of the pictures for me.
Some of them turned out great and some of them were of the ceiling, the floor and the back of peoples heads.
He actually did a pretty good job all together.

Taytons nose was running like crazy, and Braddoc of course was smart enough to document that.

Landon was one of two kids that played 28 minutes of the 32 minute game. They broke each 8 minute period into 2 four minute ones and he only sat out for 4 minutes of the whole game.

They did not keep score which really bothered me.
These kids are 7 and 8 years old, when do we start teaching them about winning and losing?
I am not a fan of the "everyones a winner" mentality, because that's really not how it works as they get older. We talked a lot to Landon about how someone always has to lose, thats just the way that it works, and just because your team loses doesn't mean that they didn't work hard and play well.
I think its important to teach them about hard work and perseverance and dedication.
These kids kept score in their heads anyway, so why not put it on the score board.
After talking to a lot of the parents of kids on the team I realized that most of Landons team will probably never play again. They wanted their kids to try it out and most of them don't like it.
Im all for kids trying things out but I also feel bad for my son who is totally a sports fiend.

Landon was in tears by the time we got home. 
He was so upset that he did not get the ball.
He was frustrated that his team did not know what they were doing most of the time and that the other team clearly did.
He was irritated that his team lost.
He said that because they lost he was not a good player. 
He thought that because no one passed to him or got open under the basket that he was a bad player.
He has been really into watching the Utah Jazz basketball game on tv.
I talked to him about how the Jazz lose a lot more games then they win and if that meant that they were a terrible team. He said No. I then asked him if all the players on the team were bad because they lost. His reply was again No. The last question I asked him was about who makes up a team. I asked him if one specific person lost his game for them, or if one specific person lost the Jazz games for them. Of course he replied No. We talked after that about how teams win and lose together. They have to learn to play together and work as a team, just because his team mates did not pass to him did not mean he was a bad player, they just haven't learn to play the game yet as a team. 
Noah and I are big sports people.
Its a big part of our life and I feel like so many life lessons can be learned while playing sports.
I am disappointed that leagues chose not to keep score or chose to play with "dumbed down" rules. I don't think that this thought process does anyone any good. Eventually, if they keep playing they will have to relearn the right rules and learn how to lose. 
Why do we chose to shelter our kids and make it to where every one wins. 
Life is hard and sometimes we don't "win", and its in those times that we really learn who we are and we learn to pick ourselves up and try again. We learn to work harder and to be grateful for the wins. We come to learn that loses can make us better because they make us push ourselves a little bit farther then we did last time.
It doesn't matter how many times we fall (or lose), what really matters is how many times we get back up, and who we are when we get back up.

Hopefully next year they will start keeping score, but in the mean time we will keep the score for Landon and teach him that every lose is just as important and valuable as every win.

Just had to throw in this super cheesy picture of my super cute hubby.
Good picture taking Braddoc.

Sunday, February 09, 2014


In a world were beauty is constantly "debated" about, I am striving to raise children who understand their divine worth and individual beauty and understand that God defines that, not the world.

I think this is especially important to teach my daughter.
There will always be magazines, people, movies, and many other things telling her that she is not good enough, that she is not "beautiful enough". I want her to know that everything she is, is beautiful to God, to me and that she should see herself that way too. 
I want her to know that she is beautiful simply because she is a daughter of God. 
I want to teach her that she should see her own divine beauty and to help her see that in others.

I want her to know that Beautiful is not something that is up for the world to debate or to define.
Beauty is on the outside but most importantly it is on the inside.
I want her to know that being who you are, being a daughter of God and standing up for who YOU are is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I want to strengthen her as she walks through this scary world.
I want to teach her to be in the world but not of the world, to walk a higher path.
I want to teach her these things so that when the day comes when I am not standing by her side to help her that she can stand on her own and learn to lean on the Lord.
I want her to learn to turn to him to help her define her beauty.

I love the song that Mercy River sings called "Beautiful for Me." 
These are some of my favorite lines.

There's a whisper in the noise, can you hear a little voice? And he says, "Has anybody told you you're beautiful? You might agree if you could see what I see, cause everything about you it's incredible, you should have seen me smile, the day that I made you beautiful, for me."

If its true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, I want my life and whats inside to give him something to behold. I want a heart that's captivating.

Close your eyes, look inside, let me see the you that you've been trying to hide. Long ago I made you so very beautiful, so I oughta know, you're beautiful.

I made these blocks to put into Aowyns room so that she can have a constant visual reminder to be herself and that she is beautiful just the way she is.

I bought the wood and painted the blocks white.
I used modge podge to attach the scrapbook paper.
And then I added the vinyl.

Her shelf is full of things handed down from her ancestors and things made for her by women who are very dear to my heart.
I want her to know of her beautiful heritage.
I often come and stare at this hutch when I am missing my grandmother and great grandmother.
There are so many beautiful memories on these shelves and I can't wait till the day when I can tell her all about these great women who helped me realize my own divine beauty.

I hope that each of us are able to see our own individual beauty through the clouded world we live in. Our Father in Heaven made each of us, and he made you so very beautiful.
I need to work a lot on making sure that I know my own divine worth and beauty so that I can teach my sons and daughter to find their own.
I need to stop being so critical of myself every time I look in the mirror.
I need to remember that when I look and seek to find all my "imperfections", that I am telling my Father in Heaven that his work of art was not good enough.
I know that I am good enough, that he made me just the way I am. And that he made me very beautiful.

You can go read another one of my posts along the same lines here.
I am a constant work in progress. 

Saturday, February 08, 2014

A little Saturday Dinosaur riding: No Big Deal!

Being a little sister to 3 big brothers can be a little bit dangerous.
When the boys are playing hide and seek, Aowyn wants to join in and will tip toe around with her finger to her lips saying "Shhhh!" She actually is not very quiet or sneaky and no one wants her to hid with them, so in the end she usually ends up finding me to hang out with.

When the boys play trains I hear a lot of, "Aowyn, no! Aowyn stop! Aowyn go away!" 
Lets just say they don't enjoy baby godzilla wrecking everything they have worked so hard to build.

So most of the time Aowyn is my best friend and attached to my hip.

There are some days however that she has simply had enough of being left out of everything and she decides to start her own game.
Today that game happened to be a little friendly dinosaur riding.

She came "riding" down the hall on one of the boys dinosaurs. 

She went from one end of our 60 foot hall way to about the mid way point.
She was yelling "eh ah!" Her own little version of "yee haw". 

She had woken up from nap and like most days was wearing a totally new outfit then what she wore when I put her down.
She has great fashion sense don't you think?

She slide the dinosaur perfectly along the floor and stayed on it super well. 
Im not really sure how she managed to do it because the dinosaur was pretty small.
She was walking her little tiny legs while holding her body on the dinosaur.
It was a pretty fantastic work out really. I wish I was that skilled in my mid section to walk like that.

At one point she threw her body back and acted like the dinosaur had bucked her off.
She responded by saying, "whoa!" and getting right back up and on.
You can't slow this dinosaur wrangling "cowgirl"(?) down.

This little girl makes me laugh all the time.
She has so much spirit and personality and I am so lucky to be her mom.
She knows how to bring our family together and helps us create great memories.

Just another typical Saturday in our house.
We like to ride dinosaurs, its really no big deal. Thats just how we roll!