Friday, January 17, 2014

What an end to 2013

Tayton and Braddoc were playing in the bath tub and we heard Tayton start screaming. 
I thought Noah was in the bathroom with them but he wasn't so he ran in to see what was going on. Braddoc had put soap in Tayton's eyes and so Noah started trying to help him wash the soap out of his eyes. He turned the shower on and was trying to get Tayton to put his eyes under the water but Tayton is terrified of the shower so he jerked away from Noah and in his soapy, wet, slippery mess he slipped out of Noahs arms and slammed his eyebrow into the side of the bathtub. 
I hear Noah start yelling for me and so I run upstairs to the bathroom and the first thing I see is blood every where. Noahs covered in it, Taytons covered in it and the bath water has turned pink. I pick up Tayton in a towel and run him downstairs while pressing the washrag to his forehead. By the time I was down the stairs the blood had soaked through the washrag and was all over my clothes and the towel. I had Noah grab an ice pack and we wrapped it in gauze and called a friend to come watch our other kids so we could take Tayton to the hospital. I did not want to leave him in the back of the van without me because he was so scared that he kept grabbing his cut.

We got to the ER and did not have to wait for very long.
As soon as we got back they looked at his wound and said they would talk to the Doctor about doing liquid stitches but as soon as the doctor looked at it he decided that it was too deep and they would need to do self dissolving stitches inside and on the outside so that we would not have to come back to have the stitches removed.

Noah had to hold down his feet and I held down his upper body. My face was literally only a few inches away from his cut, while the doctor stitched it up. I kept having to turn away because it made me so sick to my stomach to watch the needle go in and out of his skin. Every time the doctor pulled the needle back out I could feel myself holding back from throwing up and so I would have to close my eyes or look away. Anyone else have to watch your kid get stitches? Did it make you queasy too or is that just me?

The cut required 15 stitches and seemed to take forever. The doctor kept saying, "Only one more." or "Only 3 more." And then would have to do even more after he said that.  He cut was pretty deep and would bleed every time he pulled the needle back through.
This is our first kid to have stitches, and I hope our last, but I have 3 boys and a very daring little girl so I'm sure I have a very slim chance of that actually becoming a reality. Landon had to get staples in the back of his head when he was 4 (I think it was 4.... man my mommy memory is failing me.)

When they were done with the stitches Tayton was in great spirits. 
The Alabama game was on so we watched that while we waited to get released.
But before they could release us they had to ask us how the accident happened. 
We told them and then they asked Tayton and he said, "My dad dropped me on my head."
Noah and I both laughed at his little 3 year old version of what happened, but I don't think the nurse thought it was funny because we had to tell our story to 5 more people, and they all asked Tayton what his side of the story was. I think they thought we very abusing him, they sure looked at us that way at least. They had a family advocate come talk to us and she realized that we were good parents and laughed herself when Tayton told her what happened and said, "Wow, the simplicity of a three year olds story." Thankfully no one pressed us any farther.

Tayton still tells anyone who asks that his dad dropped him on his head.
He has a pretty wicked scar from it.
Im pretty sure the doctor really messed up because he even has a scar from the stitches.
We call it his Frankenstein scar. Hopefully it fades eventually or he will be rocking a mad scar for the rest of his life and telling everyone the story of how his dad dropped him on his head.
Noah said it will have a real positive effect on him when he starts dating. He said ladies like guys with scars. Hopefully thats true because Landon and Tayton both have some pretty fantastically brutal scars on their face. At least they are boys and thats a right of passage..... I think.

The pictures are not the greatest because I took them on my iphone and he did not want to sit still for me. But I think this picture shows his stitches very well. 
He had a full set inside and full set outside.
He also had a pretty nasty black eye and was so swollen.
The wholes where the stitches went in and out bled for a few days afterwards, which of course scared me, because well.... its blood. But thankfully the wonderful folks at webmd assured me that it was totally normal. (any of yall webmd your kids crazy symptoms too?)

Aowyn got tubes put in her ears in October.
She has not been talking very well and did not have a lot of words we could understand. All that was clear to us was Dada and ah-ma (mama). We kept thinking that maybe she had something wrong with her hearing. But did not push the issue because we knew she could hear us VERY well because she responded to everything we said and followed instructions to a T. 
We did finally ask for an appointment to the ENT. We found out that she could hear but that her ear drum was NOT vibrating at all when the sounds came in. So essentially she was hearing but her ear drums were not doing anything with the sound. So the crazy babble that she was talking in (all the time) was the same as what she was hearing. She had been having multiple ear infections (8 in a year) that Im pretty sure were not really going away. The doctor recommended tubes and by the next monday she was getting ready to get the tubes put in.

The surgery took about 15 minutes and she did really well.
The doctor said that she had a MASSIVE about of fluid build up behind her ear drums and that the fluid had to have been there for awhile because it was practically solid. The fluid took days to fully come out and she still requires ear drops every now and then to help the fluid stay out of her ear drums. She was in pain for a few days after the surgery but Tylenol helped a ton. She was soooo mad when she came out of the anesthesia and kept hitting me and throwing things at me. Eventually she calmed down and we were able to go home. 

She talks a lot now and we understand most of what she is saying.
I am so grateful for medical technology that assisted in my daughter being able to talk.
She still has a lot of words that sound jumbled but the doctor said it would take some time for her to be able to relearn words that she had heard wrong for so long. She may need speech therapy to help that but for now I am just enjoying hearing her say new, legible words every day.

Christmas Eve my eye was itching really bad and I had no idea why. 
I tried to leave it alone so that I didn't make it worse, but when I went to put my make up on I saw the source of the itching. 

I had burst some vessel in my eye and I had blood just free moving around in my eye.
It totally freaked me out and I called our medical friend who told me what was going on.
Essentially I had done something to bruise my eye and the blood would continue to seep out until it was all out and it would move around in my eye until that time. It would go through the same staged as a bruise and eventually turned blue and purple and then yellow until it was gone. It took a few weeks to go away and it itched the whole time, but I am very grateful it was nothing more then some type of eye bruise. Noah cracked me up because he was totally freaking out. He can't even watch me touch my eyes to put in my contacts. He told me he thought I had a brain tumor and that this was evidence of that.... (maybe someone looks on webmd a little too much.)
Thankfully it was not a brain tumor. 
And now I know what an eye bruise looks like.

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