Thursday, January 16, 2014

Texting my sweetheart

It may sound silly but I miss Noah when he is at work. I love when he has some time off and we can just be together as a family. I am grateful that he works so hard but not getting to see him for 8-10 hours a day makes me miss him something terrible. 

He is an Air Traffic Controller and doesn't really have a lot of time to talk or text but he can check his texts so I started texting him pictures of me and letting him know how I was doing that day.
Sometimes they are just a picture of me with a "my day is going great, how about yours?"
And sometimes they are crazy or silly faces letting him know that I was officially about to lose my mind with our kids.
He says it always makes him smile and he misses the picture texts on the days I don't send them.
I think it helps us stay strong as a couple when we are talking through out the day and letting each other know how we are doing. We will have been married 9 years at the beginning of March and I am grateful for how far we have come as a couple during that time.

This particular day I thought I was going to have to be admitted to the looney bin. I think the kids pulled every trick in the book to drive me batty.

This day I had to take all the kids with me to go shopping... I told him to wish me luck!

He was having a rough day so I sent him a big sloppy kiss from me.

He had texted me that he was going crazy worrying about me (I was having a bad Graves episode and had to go to the doctor.) and wanted to see my pretty face. I sent him this picture and told him it would have to do.

He texted me and told me might have to work late and would I survive till he got home?

He said he wanted to just start yelling at some people (this is totally not like him) so I sent him this picture to cheer him up and calm him down and hopefully make him laugh.

I was stuck in a major traffic jam and was going to be getting home super late.

 I was gone for a girls weekend and he said that he was already frustrated by the kids.
This was my response.

The longer you are married the crazier you get, I think! 
I so glad to be going crazy with my sweetheart.

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