Friday, January 10, 2014

Surviving the terrible two' three's?

I found this hidden gem of a post I never posted.
And this is why Tayton is called Baby Hulk.

Sometimes I feel like I live in an alternate universe, and I wonder if the other me is fairing better then I am in this one?

Today I thought I was being an awesome mom when I went to the Pantry and got out my "Mom Chocolate", you know the kind you hide from your kids and pretend it doesn't exist. 
The ones that you sneak off to the pantry to hide for. The little piece of heavenly sanity that comes in the form of chocolate.
 I called the kids over and proceeded to open the bag to give them each a piece...... my oldest responds with, "Those give me a headache." and walks off. Um, okay, don't have one then. But really, that's no big deal. I can talk to him and reason with him and he can tell me whats wrong.
But then comes in this little almost 3 year old adorable little boy, who inflicts pain on himself and who upon encountering a foreign situation or even perhaps a situation that causes him unwanted results completely loses himself and becomes little creature who upon closer inspection does resemble my son even though its hard to tell at that moment. 
I get him out a piece of chocolate but it is broken in half, I don't see this as a big deal... it still tastes the same. So I hand him both pieces of the candy.
The creature comes out!!!
He takes off running and throws the candy and then proceeds to scream at the top of his lungs while running full speed down the hall, presumably to fling himself onto someones bed where he will then flail his body about until he comes to his senses.
All I can do is stand there stunned and think about other universe me.....
Did her son calmly look at her and say, "Can I have a piece that is not broken?" and maybe they even inserted a Please in there as well. 
Maybe I am the only one whose perfect little angle two year old also has a crazed wild boar side.
Or maybe other universe me is also standing their stunned thinking about me.
Either way, I pick the thrown, broken piece up and my 18 month old and I share them.... I mean I can't let me special coveted chocolate go to waste can I? 
And then we wait.
We wait for the creature that has take over my sons body to leave him.
You know the story in the bible where Jesus removes the demons from the mans body and sends them into the pigs..... Yeah I am waiting for that to happen.
Sure enough after only a few minutes, my cute little man has returned and comes back down the hall to sweetly ask me if he can have a piece of candy that is not broken.
Where was this logic 5 minutes ago?
What is it about a 2-3 year old's brain that does not allow them to rationally reach this point without first being overcome by "demons"?
I think this just may be the question of the year.... decade.... universe?

Sometimes I think we just all might have a little 2-3 year old trapped inside of us when something goes wrong. At least when we are adults we go through the mini meltdown phase in our heads in just a split second before we move on to the rational side of things......

Ahhh maybe one day!
Maybe, one day me and other universe me will see our 2-3 year old son become rational.
Maybe, just maybe.
Maybe the flailing does something to the brain, maybe after so many flailing events the brain is jarred to its senses and becomes rational and logical.

But for now I'm just going to keep hoping she is faring better then me.

I will survive.

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