Sunday, January 12, 2014

October 2013 Recap

A friend of ours had a surprise 30th Masquerade birthday party for his wife.
We had so much fun.
It was a murder mystery dinner party, which of course I LOVED!
I need to do one of those myself someday, you know one of those days when I have the time.....

I went to the DI and pieced together Mine and Noahs costumes. 
I sewed some things (Noahs cloak I made for Landon as his Harry Potter invisibility cloak).
I also made my mask.

This year I decided to make a Halloween tree. 
I have seen them all over pinterest so I thought it was time I made one.
I love how my little tree turned out but totally want to do a bigger, white tree next Halloween.

We took the kid to Black Island Farms to pick pumpkins. 
It is our favorite place in Utah to go for our fall festivities.
Its a lot of fun.

Aowyn was too scared to ride in the tractor train by herself so I rode with her.
It was pure torture I tell you.
I was far too tall for the car and my legs did not really fit.
I was cringing in pain the whole time, BUT Aowyn had a blast, so it was all worth it... sort of.

The kids were obsessed with this bug.
It was their first time seeing one.
I remember them from when I was a kid.
None of them would touch it, and I don't blame them.

We threw a Halloween party and our family dressed up as characters from Harry Potter.
Aowyn was Professor Sprout, Landon was Harry Potter, Braddoc was Ron Weasley, Tayton was Hedwig, Noah was Professor Snape and I was Bellatrix Lestrange.
I had a blast making mine and Aowyns costumes.

Our good friends went as Batman characters (they are missing two of their kids in this picture.) 
My friend made all their costumes, she is sooo talented.

One of my best friends came dressed as none other then the coolest lady ever, ME!!!!

We went to the ward trunk or treat.
Braddoc took off and did his own thing (last year he wouldnt leave my side)
Landon took off with his friends.
Tayton was always a few cars ahead of me.
And after awhile Aowyn realized people gave out candy so she was fine leaving my side and went to everyone saying, "ti teet." Close enough to trick or treat that it melted my heart.

This couple had THE CUTEST COSTUMES!!!!

My three favorite preteen girls.

Landon and his best buddies from church (they happen to be in his school class this year too, WAHOO!!)

The school had a Halloween Parade.

We took the kids trick or treating and tried not to freeze.

Landon and his best friend.

What would the world do with two Harry Potters?

And the saddest end to October came when he had to say goodbye to some of our very best friends.
Landons best buddy and Taytons best buddy and one of my best buddies moved to California.
It was a rough move for all of us.
Landon wrote him a goodbye letter and said that no matter what they would always be best friends and that he loved him. I cried, big ugly crocodile tears. Then his friend wrote him a note and I couldn't even get through reading it before I started crying.
Landon cried himself to sleep for several nights and would come sit in my lap and just bawl several times a day. It was so heart wrenching. I hate having to say goodbye, especially to people we all love very much. 
Hopefully its not a goodbye, but an Ill see you later.

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