Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mini Me Wynnie

Aowyn follows me around everywhere.
She likes to do everything that I do, and eat everything I eat (including stealing my gum).
She loves to sing and dance and play dress up and help me cook and clean.
She is basically the perfect little girl.
Plus she is super smart, after we put her to bed one night she figured out of the open her door, so we put the child lock knob on, she figured out how to take that off, so we locked her door and she figured out how to unlock in all in less then 10 minutes.
This lead to us changing around the lock on her door at 4 am, yes you read that right, we preformed a very delicate door knob changing procedure at 4 am (well Noah did, I slept).

She is so funny and cracks me up all the time.
She laughs so hard and makes the silliest faces, and she knows she is funny. I love to listen to her laugh at her own jokes and at her own silly faces.

She wants to be a big kid with her brothers so she tries to do everything that they do. And most of the time she is very successful.

I got a bunch of peaches to can and they were sitting on top of the microwave. 
I was folding laundry and came to check on her.
She had a butter knife and was cutting the peaches in half and taking the pits out and putting them into my kitchenaid.
Apparently she thought she was being super helpful.
She was very proud of herself.

She loves to just go and lay on the stairs. 
She will run away from me and then giggle as she throws herself to lay down on the stair, its like her "base" or something. Its pretty funny to watch. She is almost giddy out of the exciting fear of getting caught.

She loves to put on dress up clothes and has also learned how to climb onto the counter to get a cup out. She usually does this if Im not getting her a drink fast enough. I have to put the stool in the pantry so she can't use it to climb on the counter.

She loves jewelry, purses, ponies, shoes and baby dolls. I can always find her walking around with one of these things

Her and Tayton are the only two home for 3 hours a day during the week and this has made them become best buddies. I love watching them play together. Especially when Tayton decides he is going to play with the "girl stuff" too.

Aowyn got a baby doll swing for her birthday. She thinks its for her.
She sits in it all the time. I swear she is going to break it very soon.

She potty trained herself.
Santa brought her undies and one day during Christmas break she yelled to me "POTTY!" so I laid her down to change her diaper, but there was nothing in it, so I told her she was clean and she yelled potty again and took off for the bathroom.
I sat her on the potty and she went and has only had about 5-6 (pee only) accidents since then, it has almost been a month.
She is also usually dry during nap time too, and will yell for us in the middle of the night if she needs to go potty.
Its pretty wonderful.
Tayton was still having accidents and he has stopped those since Aowyn got potty trained, he can't let his LITTLE sister out do him.

Every day when Braddoc gets home from school they have the sweetest embrace. She is dancing out of excitement as soon as she sees him. He usually hugs her and picks her up. 
They are such good little friends.

All of these pictures are on my Iphone, so excuse the blurriness of them. I feel like the only pictures I ever have time to take anymore are on my phone.
I sure do love this little girl.
She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.
She has changed all of us and made us all a little better.
What a sweet miracle little lady she is.

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