Friday, January 10, 2014

Make up Before and Afters

I ran into someone the other day on one of my rushed, don't have time for me, so I of course dont have time to do my hair, let alone put on make up days. This was a person that I dont think I ever see outside of church (sometimes the only day I actually have time for make-up), and I almost died laughing when they didn't recognize me at first and then said, "You look different. Did you cut your hair? Somethings different."
Yes, its true. I look like a totally different person with make up on. 
So I thought Id dig into my photo archives and post before and after make up pictures. I remember taking some this summer when I was trying a new make up trick.

So here you go, this is one of the few online make up free pictures of me you may ever see... so enjoy it while you can.



And of course no hair do picture is complete with out this gem of a hair do, brought to you by the 6 year old styling talents of Landon Ross Jenkins.

Make up free with glasses, even more different of a look.
I'm a chameleon I tell yah.

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