Friday, January 10, 2014

A Harry Potter/Hogwarts Birthday Party

Landon LOVES Harry Potter, so of course his 7th birthday party had to be a wizarding event fit for a true Hogwarts Wizard. I LOVE Harry Potter too so I was in 7th Heaven making everything for this party. 
I will let most of the pictures do the "talking". But ill throw information in there just for good measure.

I spent weeks preparing for the party. I made all of the kids their own wands, and chocolate frogs. 
We had a HoneyDukes shop so I bought lots of red dye free candy for the shop.

 I went to the DI what felt like 500 times to find different bottles and fun things for the Potions Class. I also spent weeks finding names and descriptions of different potion ingredients.

I found spooky printables to put on the walls.

And I decorated the Chalk Board to look like one I had seen in one of the Harry Potter movies.

We made sure we had fun Harry Potter themed things from all the movies so of course we had to have some Educational Decrees thrown in there.

We gave Landon a basketball and a Hoop before his party.
He was in HEAVEN!

Tayton dressed up as Hedwig! I think he was the cutest Owl ever!!!

We had the kids come in and go to Diagon Alley first to get their Money from Gringots and then to Ollivanders to buy a wand. 
We then sorted them all into their houses with the Sorting Hat.
Then they had classes, first Herbology, then Potions and then Charms.
After that they could go buy candy at Honeydukes.
Esther (one of my amazing friends) dressed up as Professor Sprout and did Herbology with the kids.

The Great Hall.

 Potions Class.

I made Butterbeer for the first time ever!
We had sooo much of this left over. 
Next time I wont triple the recipe.

We also had Polyjuice potion.

This cake was probably one of my most favorite to make.
The Monster book of Monsters.

Landons favorite movie is The Chamber of Secrets and his favorite part is the writing on the wall in blood, (lets not talk about how morbid that is.) So of course I had to write on the wall in chickens blood too, er finger paint. I had the shadowy remains of this on my wall for weeks.




Making Bertie Botts every flavor Beans with out using red dye filled beans was a tad bit difficult. 

I ordered a Chocolate Frogs mold off Amazon and had a blast making all  these chocolate frogs. I even thought for a few minutes about making the actual boxes for the frogs, but then I regained my already fizzling sanity and decided to just bag them instead.

I used a Sponge, a sheet and some (okay a TON of paint) to make the Platform 9 3/4 entrance. 

I borrowed these INSANELY AWESOME candles from a friend and bought the PVC pipes to make my own.... one day Ill actually get around to it.

 My sweet sweet husband dressed up as Professor Slughorn (he was going to be Snape but I couldnt find the wig.) The kids all had different recipes for different potions and got to make their very own potion to take home with them.

I was Professor McGonagall and taught Charms class.

Some of my two favorite babysitters EVER!!! 
Love these girls

I found the trick candles for Landons cake. Every time he blew them out they lit back up. He was so shocked. He kept saying it had to be magic.

Loved all these cute kids and this "scary" wizard faces.

We had the sorting Ceremony and In the hat we had a 2 way baby monitor hid.
Noah was in the bathroom with a list of kids and the houses to put them in.
He called out the name and when the kids sat down he talked to them for a minute and then put them in their houses. 
One of Landons buddies is just as big of a fan of Harry Potter as we are. When he called his name he was so excited and kept saying, "Please be Gryffindor. Please be Gryffindor." When he was put into Gryffindor he jumped up screaming and yelling with excitement. It was so adorable.
I found rings with each house's crest on them and so each kid got a ring to correspond with their house.

I wrapped his presents in brown parchment paper to be like in the movies.

He got a bike from us also.

The kids used their money to buy candy at Honeydukes.

The potion ingredients. 

So much fun!!!

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