Friday, January 10, 2014

Holding onto memories

Last night I was tucking Aowyn into bed and I told her "I love you." and she gave me her customary high five that she always gives in response to I love yous. It melted my heart and my eyes started to tear up, It was one of those moments when she looked into my eyes and smiled and I knew that I wanted to remember that moment forever. It was then that I realized how terrible I have been at blog keeping. I feel like I am missing out on saving all these beautiful memories of my kids. Sometimes I feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done that I NEED to get done, let alone time to get anything I WANT to get done, done. It hit my last night while spending a few precious minutes with my daughter that keeping up with the blog was A NEED not a WANT and that I needed to make time for it. I dont want to look back one day and be mad at myself for not keeping up with all the sweet moments. Aowyn will be 2 in a little over a week and I can't believe my baby isn't really a baby any more. Time is flying by so fast and sometimes I just want to freeze it so that I can just hold onto it and cherish it for a little bit longer. Honestly I get kind of depressed when I look to the future and think about my kids leaving. Im not ready for that, so I guess its a great thing that I still have 11 years with my oldest. But I do know that it will fly by.

I know that playing catch up sometimes makes things harder so Im not going to stress so much about it and Ill just try to squeeze it in when (if) I have time.


*Loves to read chapter books and anything history, animal, or space related
*His best friend moved last week (his first real best friend that he spend all his time with). In the two weeks leading up to the move he was very distraught. He was being rude and mean to everyone and would not talk to us. Finally Noah get him to talk and they both cried together about Adrian leaving. Two days before he left Adrian wrote Landon a note about how they will be best friends forever. I cried while reading it out loud. I couldn't finished reading the letter till I stopped crying. Landon sat in my lap and sobbed into my shoulder. The night before he left Landon wrote him a letter about how they would never break up and be best friends forever, no matter where they lived. At the end of the letter he told Adrian that he was going to cry and he did again that night. Lots of tears were shed in that week. Its hard to watch your child say goodbye to their best friend. The military can be really hard sometime.
*His teacher tells us how smart he is and how he is her biggest helper and always wants to answer the questions in class.
*He loves to watch football with us and has started asking us questions and if learning a lot about the terms and flags and rules of the game. Noah and I love it.
*He loves to draw picture and write in his journal. He fills a journal up at least once a month, sometimes every other week.
*he is not a very picky eater, he usually will eat anything and fast. He hates missing out on anything so he eats super fast, like its a race.
*He makes books and one time went door to door on base selling his books for .01 or .05 cents, you pick.
*He is doing amazing in school and at least on a weekly basis he brings home some award or treat or present he got at school for being a good example. I am so proud of him.
*Lately he has decided that he wants to look "nice" for school most days and that means he wears a sweater or cardigan or a tie. He always looks super handsome.


*He is doing great in school and has made a best friend, her name is Hannah and he draws pictures for her all the time and is always worried about her. If Hannah misses school or has a bad day at school then Braddoc also has a bad day when he gets home.
*Braddoc always has a blue day (the best color to end the day with) at school except for one day he had a green day because he was talking while they were sitting on the rug and didnt stop. Noah and I were torn because we were sad he got in trouble but were super excited that he feels comfortable enough to talk. (that is HUGE for him.)
*He has taken to running away A LOT. Running after him barefoot, in the rain, snow, and with the little two at home alone is always loads of fun. Sometimes it takes all my energy to not just sit down and cry.... but I of course have to keep running because he sure never wears down and stops.
*He has been getting big time into art and loves to color me pictures and lots of people. When he gets upset or mad at someone he draws a picture of them away from other people.
*Whenever he sees anyone crying he gets very upset and wants to know why our eyes are dripping. Noah and I both cried during a conference talk and he was so worried about us that he could not stop staring and trying to wipe our tears. I recently read a book that made me cry a lot and he would not leave my side until I stopped crying.
*He loves to have his back rubbed and scratched. But it has to be hard or else its not good enough.
*He loves babies, he has a bunch of big eyed stuffed animals that are his babies and he feeds them and puts clothes on them and takes them with him everywhere he goes. He wants baby stuff for Christmas.
*He loves hats, the boy has a massive collection of hats.
*He lost his first two teeth within a day of each other. (his front bottom two). One the day before his first day of school and the second on the way to pick Landon up from his first day of school.


*He is the sweetest boy ever, and then he is the most rotten kid ever. We call him the Hulk.
*He talks so much and about everything and he cracks me up with the way that he says things:
-Party que:  BarBQue
-Becano: Piano
-Holdabrella: umbrella
-certipakit- certificate (he gives them to people when they do something good.)
-take a camera of that
*He sings songs to Aowyn all the time and loves to put on shows.
*He loves stuffed animals, especially if the animal is bigger then he is.
*When I tuck him in he wants a big kiss and then we have to roar after we are done.
* He will put his arm around my neck and tell me I'm his best friend.
*He calls me and Noah super hero mom and super hero dad.
*Landon says the eenie meanie miney moe rhyme and Tayton says it too except his is meany miney toe over and over again.
*When he gets mad at me and asks me, "Do you want me to stomp on you?" or "Do you want me to punch you?" I've realized that to get him to switch from a mad mood to a nice one I have to look at him and laugh and say, "Do you want me to stomp you?" and he usually stops for a minute, laughs, gives me a big hug and says, "No! I love you mom, I sorry."
*He loves Doc McStuffins and Mickey mouse
*He is an insomniac. The kid will still be awake around 11 when we go to bed. When he does fall asleep its in the most random places... the bath tub, under his bed, in the linen closet on top of the towels, in his stuffed animal box, under our bed, in the end table in our front room. Yeah random weird kid. Every night is a hunt for Tayton. Where did he fall asleep this time?
*He loves his baby blanket and only wants to sleep with it.
*He is only 2 pounds heavier then Aowyn. Still the runt of the litter.
*He is a TROUBLE TROUBLE maker, but that will take a whole post to explain.
*He loves to try on every ones shoes.
*He eats like a bird.
*He loves to build forts of pillows around him on the couch and snuggle in an hide. He is the BEST kid I have ever seen at hide and seek, he gets into the most random places and is so still and so quiet.
*He loves to make people laugh.
*He loves to finger paint with food, cake, peanut butter, cocoa, milk, water, cereal, you name it and he has probably put his hands all in it and smeared it all over the table and walls. He favorite though it peanut butter. He gets the peanut butter out of the cabinet and hides with it and digs into the jar and rubs it all over his hands and then all over where ever he is at. I swear all of my gray hairs come from this kid.
*He hates wearing clothes and when I tell him to go get dressed he comes back in a new set of pjs.
*He is still super hooked on the binkie even though we took his away. If he finds one of Aowyns he will hid it and go suck on it for a few seconds then come back to play and then go back again for some more sucks. He say he is like a junkie and is running away to sneak a drag on the binkie and then he can come back to reality till he needs another fix.


*If you ask the kids if they want something she always raises her hand.
*She is great at folding her arms and closing her eyes for a prayer. Its cute to see her whole face squished up during a prayer.
*She loves to dress up and carries a purse or a baby everywhere she goes. She even holds her purse while eating.
*She loves chocolate, it always dries her tears.
*She loves bath time.
*She has to go to speech because her ears have been clogged with infections for over 8 months, so she couldn't hear us very well. She understood everything we said but the tone and inflection were off so the words she says are very nasily and hard to understand. She got tubes in October so we are hoping that helps, so far it seems too. She communicates very well and points of nods and we can understand most of what she wants even if she doesnt talk well.
*She is my shadow and has to be near me all the time. She loves to sit on the counter while I cook.
*She is so cuddly and just comes to lay her head on my lap or leg all the time.
*She can't say I love you but always follows up I love you from someone in the family with a high five and a smile.
*She loves to give kisses and usually sticks her tongue out for a big french sloppy kiss.
*Every time she gets dressed she has to model it for anyone to see. Especially in dresses, she LOVES dresses.
*She loves her bows and is always checking to make sure they are still on her head.
*She loves food too and is usually the one to finish all her food.
*If the boys are playing she will join them but will find the most girly toy (pink power ranger or girl knight) to play with.
*If she is playing her own thing she is oblivious to her brothers screaming and running. She will feed her babies and pack her purse all while they are running crazy around her.
*She loves books and loves to just sit and look through them and she always loves to be read too.
*She has not seen all the princess movies but she knows them all by name. You can ask her to show you almost any of them and she will find it and bring it to you.
*She loves Sophia the first, Ariel, Minnie Mouse, Little ponies and Strawberry shortcake.
*She loves to dance and dances all the time. She is my biggest dancer. Any type of music she will just start dancing too.
*She loves to conduct music too so if she is not dancing she is conducting the song.
*She things markers are lip stick and if she ever gets her hands on any she colors her lips.
*I have a Disneyland app on my phone where you can walk through the parks and listen to music and see shows and she LOVES it, thats her go to phone app.
*She loves to play outside and always wants to go out.
*She loves to climb on the table and play up there until she gets caught.
Her words:
ap L (apple with a distinct break before the L)
bah (bye)
o o eh do (yo ho lets go, from jake and the neverland pirates.)
bap (bath)

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