Sunday, January 19, 2014

Get back in front of the camera rediscover your divine beauty

The kids LOVE my phone.
Every since I got an iphone I can't ever seem to find my phone.
Apparently I bought it for their pleasure and not for my own use.
Their favorite thing to do it to take silly pictures and send them to Noah. 
I find a lot of silly pictures on my phone that I had no idea were there, but usually its pictures that we took together silly. I cherish so many of these pictures because I am in them with them.
I usually hate getting my picture taken, but I have come to realize that I don't have very many pictures of me and my parents, for the exact same reason. I do not want my kids to look back and have all these pictures of them and none with me.
I started getting in front of the camera, no matter how crazy my hair was or the lack of make up on my face. I want them to know that I cared and that I was there. 
I don't want them to grow up knowing that I was self conscience of myself or to think that looks matter more then people. All of my reasons for not wanting to be in pictures were just down right silly. My kids don't care if Im carrying extra weight, or if my hair is crazy, or if I have make up on.
They care about whether or not I am present. They care about how much I laugh with them and how silly we can be together. They will remember the kind of mom I was, not the kind of mom I looked like. 

I want to be silly with them and make funny faces.
I want to care more about them then I do about how I look for the camera.
I want to forget about my looks and focus on my heart.

I want my kids to know that what matters most is what is in their heart not what is on their face or the clothes they wear.
I don't want a pimple or a bad hair day to make them feel like they have a bad life.
I don't want Aowyn to cry when her clothes don't fit and she tries on 5 outfits before she finds the one that she feels the most comfortable in.
I don't want them to worry about what the world thinks. I want them to worry about the kind of person they are. I want them to focus on how they can be the best version of themselves.
I want them to focus on their divine nature not their outward appearance. 

I can say these things to my kids till I am blue in the face. 
I can teach them these things with my words.
I can encourage them and help them with their self conscience. 
I can try to instill in them a value and a sense of self worth and of their divine potential.
All of these things are good things to work towards, but as most of us know the greatest thing we can do in the quest to teach and help our children is to be an example to them. 
They learn the most from the things they see.
If they see me getting down on myself, 
If they ask me to take a picture with them and I refuse and don't have a valid answer for why I won't do it, then I am not setting a very good example for them.
If they hear me criticize myself or joke to my husband that I am "getting fat" or that I "look scary", then they will use that same "mirror" or measuring stick to measure and view their own self worth.

The only way I can change this is to change the way I see myself.
I need to stop tearing myself down or criticizing my own self worth.
I need to see my own divine potential and my own divine nature.
I need to get back in front of the camera and realize that I am worth so much more then I could even imagine. God made me the way that I am. I am his work of art and when I tear myself down I am telling God that his work of art is worthless. I am telling him that his treasure is worthless.
I want to teach my children that they are worth something, that every one is worth something and that NO ONE is worthless, including myself.

The world has a false sense of beauty.
Magazines tell us the way to look and the way to dress and who we should be.
They are full of fake, digitally enhanced, touched up pictures.
They are not real.
They never will be.
The worlds version of "perfect" and "worthy" is not real, nor is it attainable. 

Im not saying we stop wearing make up or dressing the way we like or curling our hair. I enjoy getting all dressed up. I enjoy picking out clothes and putting on make up.
What I am saying is that we stop letting it define us.
If I am wearing yoga pants and haven't washed my hair since yesterday and the only make up I am wearing is the smeared mess from the day before, I need to realize that my inner beauty, the real beauty has not changed. I am still the same person, the same mom and the same me that I was the day before. 
If my kids want a picture with me, the first thing I should think about is how much I love them and how much I want to capture that love for them and have a picture of that forever, not about how "unphotogenic" I look.

I say we all stop searching for a false sense of worth and beauty and rediscover our divine beauty within.

It's like my kids favorite song from the movie Frozen says, "Let it Go!" 
Lets shut down the myths and false ideas of the world and lets start thinking differently.
Get back in front of the camera and be the mom you always want to be.

And lets start cutting each other some slack.
It's hard to feel divinely beautiful when people around us are trying to tear us down, usually to lift themselves up. 
How about we unit as moms, as women, as people, right now and as a whole lets start focusing on our inner beauty and the inner beauty of those around us.
And more importantly lets teach our kids this, through our example. 
Then maybe, just maybe our children won't have to fight the same false ideas of beauty as we do.
Lets change the future, starting now, by getting back in front of the camera.

Lets be the example of who we want our kids to be.
Lets stop saying bad things about ourselves.
Lets find our knowledge of our own divine worth again.
No more negative thoughts.
I want my kids to be brave, kind, loving, virtuous and full of integrity.
I never want to hear them say negative things about themselves or anyone else and the only way to teach them how to be that kind of person is to be that kind of person myself. 

So starting today lets vow to end the judgement's and the false ideas of beauty.
Lets make a change starting today, starting within our own homes.
Lets grab that camera and have a little fun with our kids.
Enjoy laughing and smiling and don't for one second worry about what you look like.

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