Friday, January 10, 2014

Avengers Super hero birthday Party

Braddoc turned 5 this year. I cant believe my little man is getting so big. 
He loves super heroes so much so of course we had to have a super hero birthday party. 
I made everything for his party in the few weeks between his party and Landons. Man all three boys having summer birthdays can be killer!!!
I made a bunting banner and a collage to go in his room (both of which were destroyed by a random Hulk (tayton) attack.)
I also made him his cake.
Most of the pictures explain themselves but Ill put some info through out as needed.

Has anyone ever tried to get the right color red with out using red dye #40? 
My kids cant have red dye so making the red for Iron Man was little bit like trying to talk your way out of Hell.... near impossible.
I think it turned out okay, more matallicy, but thats perfect for Iron man.... right? Right? Of course!!!
Hulks fingers were a little bit of of a maddening experience as well. They kind of look like Zombie Hulk fingers... but the kid was turning 5.... it worked.
I used a block of fondant to hold the top layer away from the bottom layer to make it look like Hulk was holding it all up. 

Braddoc LOVES pinatas and we kind of have a family tradition that we have to have a pinata at every birthday, so of course we had to have BATMAN. And as tough and rock solid as batman is, he totally broke off at the top part, only 3 kids we had to improvise and just beat Batman while he  was down.... not such a great lesson to teach kids, but again, they are five, so we just rolled with it.

Braddoc has begged for a bounce house for years, so we finally got him one. 
That was his only request this year, a bounce house (and of course super heroes), so how could I turn him down? We were able to get it for the whole weekend, so we picked it up Friday at 11 and had it till Monday at 10. That made for a totally fun weekend of bouncing.

Some of the kids came dressed as Super Heroes. 
Braddoc hid in his room for the first 30 minutes of the party because he was too scared to come out, there were just too many people. We only invited 6 kids and then a few adults that he absolutely loves. Eventually he came out, after Noah talked him down, and he had a blast.

We had Noah dress up as a villain and gave all the kids silly string to attack him with.
They had a blast!! I think Noah was dying of heat stroke in his get up, seeing as how it was 100+ degrees outside. But he is always a trooper and does what I ask him at all the kids parties. (and I usually have him dress up)

My birthday boy!

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