Friday, January 10, 2014

Aowyns Birthday

Aowyn turned 2 on December 1st.
I made Aowyn a kitchen for her birthday out of an entertainment center.
It took FOREVER and cost more then I thought (about $110 for everything), but in the end I loved how it turned out. ( I still need to add the knobs to the stove, I ordered them but they did not arrive in time and I can't seem to manage to find the time to put them on.)

She loved it too!

We gave her a couple more presents before church and then more after church.

She loved all her babies and clothes.
Two things that are her absolute favorites.

I also found her a cradle at an Antique store and repainted it and repaired some of it.

She loves books that make noises and loves Minnie Mouse, so she was in heaven with the Minnie Mouse piano book.

She gets so excited when she opens presents. 
I love to watch her face.

She loves her jewelry.

I love this little girl so much. She is so silly and sweet. She loves babies and loves to take care of them, she is just the sweetest little mommy. 

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