Saturday, January 11, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

Aowyn loves Strawberry Shortcake.
Maybe because I love it and so I bought her lots of movies and because Braddoc likes the show so we watch it a lot on netflix... but whatever the reason may be, she loves it.
So of course we had to do a Strawberry Shortcake themed 2nd birthday party.
I was in heaven.
After years of boy parties doing girly parties is like living on cloud nine for me.
I just love it.

I was so excited to do a Red, Pink and Green Strawberry themed party.
I made all the food and the cake.
I made the bunting banner and the rag fabric decorations.
I also made tutus for all the little girls to wear and to take home with them.

Pin the Strawberry on the vine. 
They are 2 so I did not blind fold most of them and it was the cutest thing to see them all put the strawberries on. They all put them on top of each other, no where near the vine.... I wish I had a picture.

Her cake was my absolute favorite to make.
Noah came in and saw me at one point and said, "You are loving this aren't you? You look so happy." And I was so happy. It was like a dream come true for me. All the years of going and seeing little girl parties and wishing I had little girl to enjoy all the girly things with had finally become a reality.

It took forever to cut out the triangles and then lots of patience to sew them to the ribbon, but it was worth it. All of the decorations went into her room when I was done with the party because her room is exactly the same colors. So all the work was worth it.

 First I had the kids all color a picture.
Then we pinned the strawberries on and tossed bean bags into strawberry baskets.
We also had a pinata that was a Strawberry Shortcake pull string pinata. I had never heard of pull string before but when the lady  explained to me that every kid just gets a string and pulls it and one of the strings will open the candy door, I thought, what could be more perfect for a 2 year old party? And it of course worked out perfectly.

 Tayton and one of his little best buddy.
Those two are TROUBLE together, but in the cutest way.

The boys all hung out in here during the "girl" party.
Notice my mounds of laundry on the couch? yep totally rocked the piles of laundry.

Kalab is like a big uncle to the kids.
They love him.

Kalab and Rio entertained the boys so they didnt get "bored".

I love watching her different happy faces.
She is just so full of life and personality.
And she loves shoes!!!

I decided next year that I will do her party in the middle of November, because doing it in December is just too stressful. Her birthday is Dec 1st and that is the weekend of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and our Beloved College Football Alabama Vs. Auburn Iron Bowl. Her first birthday we did the day of the Iron Bowl right before the game, but usually people are gone for thanksgiving so that weekend wont really work as she gets older.... so here is my reminder that I need to do it in the middle of November.... it is typed up so now its law.... right?

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