Sunday, June 02, 2013

Life through the eyes of my phone (part 1)

From the time I got my phone till about 6-7 months ago I had never uploaded any cell phone pictures....
Crazy right!?
I just remembered that I never posted them....
so here is part 1....
Its long.....

Landon did great on his first big trip to the dentist.

Braddoc not so much,
dont let his pictures fool you.
He screamed and kicked and hit like a crazy man.
I got punched in the face and my pregnant belly kicked at least twice.

Mommys 27th Birthday cake

Playing in Nana and Pops pool

Bald Tayton.

The first time we used our Alabama Chalk board.

Not just a cake.... but a birthday cake.

Looking back on things I realize that I really should have picked up on all the clues Braddoc gave me that pointed to Autism.

Landon loved to build things.
 Tayton loved to make messes.

Landon played soccer.

For Noahs birthday we went to see Viva Elvis!!!
And we were lucky enough to have Noahs sister come to visit and go with us as well.
Noah LOVES Elvis!!!

We went to Disneyland

Braddoc would never go near the characters.... still wont.

But Landon LOVES them!

Boy Bonding.....?

Pirate Park

Halloween Manicure.

My loot from Aowyns baby shower.

My friend Lindsey made this A-DORABLE owl.

My friend Candice made the dress.
Wendy made the blanket.

Heidi made the pink blanket.
Lindsey W. made the A.
and Lindsey M. made the bow holder.

Heidi and Wendy made the burp clothes.

Aubery made the wipe container.

Landon was coming in from church when Braddoc stepped on Landons untied shoe laces and tripped Landon whose face landed on the edge of the chair.
I thought he needed stiches, Noah didn't.
We did not take him in and did liquid stitches at home, but alas he now has a scar there and no hair grows in that spot..... guess mom's intuition was right, should have stuck with my gut.

He also in the same week was hit with a toy.....
poor guy.

This was the beginning of finding out Tayton had Periodic Phantom Fever Syndrome.
He was so sick for so long and we spent so many days in the ER.
It was so sad.

Braddoc and his best buddy Brynlee.

I passed this stone when I was pregnant with Aowyn.
It was huge!
I knew it was there, I went into the doctor and it was so big they thought they would have to do surgery. But since I was pregnant they could not.
So Noah gave me a blessing, they pumped me full of liquid and I finally THANKFULLY passed it.

Noahs sister sent us a Captain Hook hat for Noah to wear for Halloween.
Of course we all had to try it on.

Landon started drawing people.

Landon was Peter Pan.

Our stake at church participated in a Helping Hands clean up effort.
We cleaned up different areas.
Our group cleared out a very over grown, packed back yard.

Tayton got in a big boy seat.
He was still facing backwards but at least he was in a big boy seat.
Look at those big eyes.

We had a Halloween party.
Our friend Joaquins costume cracked me up.

Landons kindergarten Halloween Party.

Trick or Treating.

Landons first time wrapping a present on his own.

Landons super long story list.

Tayton learning the art of fight throwing....

Landon went to a laser Tag birthday party for his friend Levi.... Garyn is another one of his friends in the picture
(we miss Levi and Garyn alot)
Does anyone ever have a box of tissue last long in your house?
Is the whole box used for what tissues should be used for?
If so you must tell me your secrets.

Headed to school

So sweet helping his little brother cross the road.

Hiding in the shelves.... mom will never know.
And I wont get in trouble....
Hmmm anyone else ever wonder where little ones get their logic from?

Hahaha what a sight to see.
A shirtless Hook.
wearing moms boots too.

Wehadababy itsagirl.

Headed home in her pink smocked elephant dress.
Can't get much better than that.

Start them young..... raise them right.
Roll Tide!

First check up!

Daddies girl

Big brother loves her so much.
I love the woombies... (thats what she is in.) makes babies sleep so good.

So very tiny.

We were headed out to vote.

Tayton learned how to fold his arms for the prayer.

Daddy and his girl.

And we are done for now....
till part 2.

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