Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whats happenin' Captain?

Baseball season is in full swing around here, so of course that means we spend lots and LOTS and LOTS of time at the baseball park.
I think my husband is in heaven. 

This is kind of what he has been waiting his whole dad life for. :)
While Noah coaches Landons time, I get to spend time sitting in the middle of the fields and the park because the three littles cant sit still at the game.

But they are pretty adorable so its okay.

Man I love that toothless grin. 
He lost both top teeth within a week of each other.
One of them he ripped right out himself.
Neither one is even trying to grow back.

This little man is a mix of the Hulk and an Angel. 
He cracks me up.
He has so much controlled and uncontrolled rage. 
It is quit a sight to see, especially when he sprawls out on the floor in the middle of Target and starts flopping from his front to his back like a fish out of water. 
Yes he smacks his head on the ground.
Yes is hurts.
Yes he cries.
Ahhhh 2-3 year olds.

But he is so stinking cute and gives me the best hugs.
He asks me what up? And tells me I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!!!!! All the time.
Ill take the Hulk with the Angel any day, as long as I get to look at this adorable Taytay face.

This little girl and I have so much fun at the games.
She hangs out with me and we talk and play.
She is my little buddy.
I adore her.

I cant believe how much she looks like her daddy.

We also do fun things between baseball games too.

Like learn to climb stairs and get into the sink.

And get into all the papers that mom is organizing.

And sit quietly on the couch.....
Oh wait, that ones doesnt last for long.

Then we go back for some more baseball.

I was really upset that that guy in the back ground was in all of my pictures of Landon batting.
Geez, what was he thinking standing there watching the game?
Ha, maybe I should chill out, eh?

His first game he did not get any hits, but every game since then he has gotten hits every time he has gone up to bat. 
He has only gotten out once too and that was on a force run to third base.

I wasnt fast enough to get the picture on them hugging but the lady in the picture is Landons 1st grade teacher.
How awesome is that? 
He was so glad that she game to his game.
We LOVE her and are really going to miss her next year.
Cant we just have the same teacher in 2nd grade too.

And as we all know, watching baseball is super tough and exhausting.
Poor guy fell asleep on the couching while eating chips.
Noah joked that this was Braddocs future. 
Poor guy, when he gets sleepy he is out fast.

And lastly Tayton has learned to clean.
Well maybe not so much clean as play with Clorox wipes in an attempt to clean, but hey its something.

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Laura said...

Can I just say that I love your family?! You are an awesome lady, and your pictures and stories of your kids make me smile!