Sunday, May 26, 2013

Raining on Sunday!

When we got home from church last week it started pouring down rain. 
Braddoc wanted to go out in it so we told him to just take off. And so he did.
He went into the house and changed his clothes and started running.
Landon decided to join him.
They got soaked, but they loved it.

Then Daddy decided to join them, because well, Daddy loves playing in the rain too.

Tayton however was content to stay on the porch.
He did NOT want to get wet. 
So he stayed safe and dry with me on the porch.

After picture taking they had to go back out for some more rain fun.
And the best part was that this time it was hailing.
They thought that was pretty fun...and thankfully not painful.

It was so much fun to watch them running and laughing.
These kids crack me up.
Braddoc loves showing people things and is so serious about it.
He was concentrating so hard on his running.
And when he got back on the porch he would make this sly smirky face because he was so happy at what he had accomplished.
I love it!

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