Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More catch up

Best buds getting ready for school. 
I am so glad they love each other so much, well so glad on those days that they are not sworn enemies. 

Meal time is always an event with Aowyn.
I think she gets more on her then actually in her.

This handsome guy and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary back in March. 
March 5th to be exact. 

Glad we have some humor or we may not have survived the last crazy 8 years.

 We went and played laser tag first. 
We played with a group of teenagers who ganged up on us and kept calling us the "old people". So Noah and I found our perch and just shot them up..... and then totally came in second to last and last place. BUT I bet Noah so thats all that matters right?
Then we ate dinner at Texas de Brazil, which stuffed us both right up. 

Impromptu photo shoot before church one day.
They were just so cute.
I couldnt resist.

I got a call from school one day telling me that before Braddoc got on the bus he fell on the play ground and his lip bled a little but that he was brave and was okay.
When he got off the bus he looked miserable and then when I got him into the house I noticed that his lip was really swollen so I made him let me look inside.
Let me tell you, getting a kid with sensory issues, who is in massive amounts of pain to let me look in his mouth was pure torture. I got hit and punched and kicked but finally I got to look inside.
That was when I tried so hard to contain my freak out.... I saw a broken tooth and the whole inside of his lip was BLACK!!!
I called the teacher back to get the whole story and I am pretty sure she did not see much, because her story made no sense and could not have caused that damage.
When Braddoc was finally calm enough to talk he told me that he was running on the play ground and looked back at a friend and when he turned back around he ran smack dab, mouth open into a bar and then that force knocked him over and the impact caused all the damage.
I think the teacher saw the falling part but not the rest, because a fall would definitely not have caused that damage.
He went to the dentist the next day and the dentist confirmed my theory.
He did xrays and said that he broke the top bone in his mouth that connects the front teeth to the side teeth and that he knocked one of his front teeth of its path, all the way to the root.
He said that a fall would not have done this but that only a direct internal impact to the bone could cause that damage.
He stayed home from school till the swelling went down and then was on a soft food diet until the bone healed. 
Thankfully it healed on its own and he did not need screws up in. I am so grateful for that.
The dentist fixed his teeth up, and a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket, on a tooth that will fall out in a few years, later (oh wait, Im trying not to think about that part), his smile was good as new.

I thought he looked like a little Who from Whoville. 
He was such a trooper and I was (am) so proud of how well he handled it.
Brave kiddo for sure.

I will have to post a picture of the after here soon.

Landon finished up basketball even though he missed 4 weeks of it because of the mono, he still got to get his trophy. 
I feel so bad for him that he missed so much basketball. He still talks about what he is going to do next time he gets to play.
Such a sweet boy!!!
Ahhh the days of mono will forever be part of all of our memories. 
I am glad that is over with. However, the Braddoc tooth incident happened the same week Landon went back to school. 
Apparently the craziness never ends around here, because the week after Braddoc got his tooth fixed I had over 30 kidney stones removed..... weehaa yes we like to have our lives packed with such fun things!!

Thankfully this little girl is just so sweet and rocks me world in the best way possible.

I call these two my little's and I seriously just want to squeeze them both all the time.
Whenever I ask Tayton if I can squeeze him he says, "No squeeze me, no! It hurt me." So I tell him he is so adorable and he yells, "NOOO my Taytay.....kiss me." And so I do because his kisses are just the sweetest.

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