Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MONTHS of review

I uploaded the pictures but they are kind of all over the place so I will just go with it.... bare with me? 

When the snow finally melted and it was not freezing we took the kids to the Hogle Zoo, we have season passes which is great for lots of visits. The problem however was that everyone had the same idea as we did. The zoo was PACKED! And for Mister B and sensory processing problems, it was a little much for him. We lost him twice, it was so scary and it really made me think about getting him the GPS Autism bracelets.

The kids had a blast overall and enjoyed being there with each other and their friends. 

It was a overprotective moms nightmare because all three of my boys thought they were years older then they actually are and took of to do their own thing on multiple occasions. So yes, fun for them, heart attack inducing for mom.

These are some of our very best friends, The Snows.

On St Patricks day a little leprecuan snuck into our house and left a mess and some treats.

Every year he takes the kids on a scavenger hunt to find his treasure.
(Ignore my room, its the last place to ever get the "magic" decorating touch, but I do have BIG plans for it.)

Sundays are for relaxing.

Aowyn loves all kinds of babies. On the day she got her my little pony baby she would not let it out of her sight.

The kids love that there is no more snow and have been playing on the trampoline 24/7. 
Aowyn loves it, but it scares me because she is still so little.

Trying on daddies boots.

This kid does not like taking naps, but man when he crashes, he crashes.

At the end of February I got called as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency and at the end of March I had to through the Relief Society birthday party.
Needless to say March was a very busy month for me.
We made goody boxes in color coded themes and filled them with Easter eggs and chocolate since it was just a few days before Easter.

I had to make 9 different colored coded flower arrangements for each table. 
There was a lot of work involved. Thankfully I had a little Les Miserables on Blue Ray to keep me company..... makes my heart soar.

I got to go with Braddocs preschool class on his first ever field trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum. 
He was very overwhelmed and Im not sure that my being there helped but I sure loved getting to go.

My little Astronaut. 

Then it was time for the birthday..... I was at the church decorating for over 9 hours. 
Plus there was a big confusion and the building was double booked so we got to share with a group of guys who were painting the same room we were in. See the scaffolding in the back? Yeah that was fun! At least they were nice and we could work well together. It cracked me up because they changed their country music to classical music. I would have much preferred the country music but  I guess they thought that Relief Society meant classical music. :)

The middle table held our chocolate fountains and goodies.

Each table was color coded and when the Sisters came in they had to draw a color and sit at that table.

Landon lost a top tooth.

Braddoc and Tayton rediscovered sidewalk chalk.

We had an Easter Egg hunt at the church.

 This of course was Aowyns first hunt where she could walk, I loved watching her toddle around.

We colored eggs at home.
Which, as you know is always a nice clean affair..... ?

We also did our own Easter egg hunt with some friends. I brought candy eggs and my friend brought real eggs. If my kids picked up a real egg they would throw it back down and head for a candy egg. Tayton kept saying, "I no yick dis!" Oh man, my kids are too smart (I hate hard boiled eggs too.)

My mom and dad came up for a few days at Easter, so of course the kids read lots of books and cuddled a lot. (when my parents were not sleeping.)

My parents gave the kids gifts.

And we played.

And the Easter Bunny came and brought lots of goodies.

As soon as Aowyn found the candy we could not pry it away from her, she was eating the candy wrapper and all. And when we took hers away she went and jacked her brothers and then throw a big girly fight when we took that away.

The kids were not cooperating and so I think this was the first year that I dont have Easter pictures.
There are a few picture but none with Braddoc. He was having a rough day.

The day after Easter we headed to the beach in San Diego and stayed for Spring Break.
This trip was when Tayton and Braddoc really bonded and became best buddies.

Aowyn hated when we made her come inside... she loved it out there. And if she was inside she cried at the door until we let her back out.

I loved how the sand had Gold flecks in it. 

The kids decided to dig a giant whole and had a blast doing it over the course of the 3 days we were there.

Part 2 of catch up to follow.

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