Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Lately in the Jenkins house......

We have been eating LOTS AND LOTS of pistachios.... everyone is a little bit obsessed with them at the moment.
Good thing Winco sells them in bulk.

We FINALLY got my dream toy organization bought.
Thank you Ikea!!!
I can't wait to get moved into our new house in a few weeks so that we have a much bigger play room space.

We have gone red dye free and found gummy bears in green and yellow at Winco.
(again HALLELUJAH Winco.)

We have become super Hippy around here with our food.
We have gone Corn free (the kids still eat the occasional corn chip), Gluten free (Noah and I already were and now all the kids are too), GMO free, Red Dye free, mostly sugar free and corn syrup free. 
So I was super excited when I found these lollipops that were all of the above. 
The kids were pretty excited too. 
I am trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids so finding new things is always awesome.
I love that Amazon sells all of the stuff in bulk and at much better price then in the store.

I have fallen in love with Targets kids medicine bottles. 
I love that the lid has a tiny little hole opening so that the syringe sticks right into the lid, so no more mess and no more having to pour the liquid into a cup and then syringing it out of the cup.

I have been painting and making tons of things for Taytons Nemo party.

I've been making lots of fun summer colored pillows to go on the couch.

Aowyn LOVES riding on the Mickey car, I cant wait to get her a girly one.

Braddoc has been walking around Narrating his life.

The boys asked me why girls were making a silly face, and so I asked them if this was the face.... and they said yes, so I explained to them that its called the duck face.... and that its super silly, they agreed!!! And then they laughed at my duck face and told me to take a picture.
So here is my silly duck face in all its glory.

We have been walking A LOT of Harry Potter....
GAH!!! I love it, seriously so excited about this part of mommyhood.... haha sharing my crazy love of Harry Potter with my children.

Tayton and I have been being super cuddly.

And super silly!

The kids discovered The Backyardagins. 
They LOVE it!!!
Me, not so much. 
But I better get used to it because they want to watch is all the time.
And they even sing along.

Im working on refinishing this yellow chair that I found at the DI....it kind of makes me swoon. 
I am excited to get it done.

Aowyn rocks out to the Backyardagins.

 She also has discovered that she can climb onto furniture.
She loves to throw my pillows off the furniture and then does everything she can to wiggle up onto the piece of furniture.

She has also learned that the yellow chair rocks, and so she loves to rock back and forth in the chair. The best part..... ?....... was when she leaned on the back of the chair and it totally toppled over backwards. Thankfully she was okay.... trouble maker.

She has also been being such a good little mommy to her babies.
The other day she carried around her baby ALL DAY. She wanted me to wrap her baby up and she would give it kisses and bring her to me to give kisses too.
I was in heaven.
I LOVE that she loves baby dolls so much.

She also loves shoes!
On Sunday I was getting her clothes ready and I looked in her shoe drawer trying to find her sparkly church shoes but I could not find them anywhere.
I remembered that she has been in her shoe drawer when I was getting her dress out of her closet and so I went to find her.
Sure enough she had her church shoes in her hand and also Braddoc's shoes.
I was so proud of her and that she is shoe lover like her mommy.

Taytons been cracking me up lately.
I sure love this kid.

Im loving life lately....
slightly overwhelmed at times,
juggling more balls then I can handle most days,
and sometimes just surviving the madness around here....
But all in all its been pretty great.


Mari said...

I love the furniture pieces in your home. Also, you have awesome eyes! Brown eyes are my favorite!

Aurie Jenkins said...

Thanks, I love redoing furniture, so a lot of it I have thrifted and redone.