Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting so close to summer time.

Some little child, who will not be named, got chocolate all over my comforter and so I took it off the bed to wash it and someone decided it looked like a good place to crash.

Tayton has been cursed, blessed,  given his own set of little boy health trials.
When he was a baby he could not hardly keep any food down and was not even 10 pounds at 6 months old. He was always throwing up and it was a huge dirty mess of projectile spit up every single time he ate as well as all the times in between.
Finally they figured out it was horrible reflux and that it should go away be a year, or two at the latest. He is now almost three and still suffers daily with reflux pain. 
He is always telling me that his tummy hurts and his throat hurts. It breaks my heart.
They put him on stronger meds and sent him to a specialist, so hopefully he will get some kind of relief soon.
Poor guy is so used to just feeling yucky, he is such a trooper.

He also has something called Periodic Phantom Fever Syndrome that causes him to get nasty high fevers with no other symptoms and because of that it gives him mock arthritis pain so he is also on medicine for that. His joints will hurt him and make it hard for him to walk sometimes.
Needless to say, he is my cuddle bug.
He loves to just sit with me and talk and read and relax.
He is always wild and crazy.
I love his silly little mix.

Anything that can go around Aowyns neck as a necklace does.
She resorted to binoculars for the longest time before we finally clued in and got her some necklaces. She also likes to take my headband and make those into necklaces too.
Ever the little girl!!!
She also loves carrying around bags and purses and will put anything and everything into them.
She has to take it with us when we go places and knows exactly what they are used for.
Little girls crack me up, they are so smart and pick up on everything.

Braddocs new favorite thing that I love..... okay well maybe loathe is a better word, is to take things out on the trampoline and then jump all over it.
In most cases it is food and he makes a very large mess with it. 
Its so much fun to make him clean it all up and see how happy kicking and screaming he is do it.

Her hair is finally growing.....even though I wish it would grow faster, it is definitely more then it was a few months ago.

Braddoc likes to try on Aowyns bows and pretend he is a baby girl.

 A few weeks ago for enrichment we had to dress up as the decade we were born in.
It was so much fun and I had a blast finding FABulous 80's clothes to wear.

This is our relief society Presidency. 
Arent we so stylish?
I am loving L.'s white boots.
I decided I was channeling some Cindy Lauper or Sting groupie.... who knows. But it was definitely something crazy.

 There were so many cameras going off I didnt know where to look.
This is the 80's girls from our presidency.
I was battling a kidney stone during this and felt like I was so swollen and was just trying to be positive.
When I got home I was in so much pain I went to the ER and then that friday had surgery to remove over 30 stones, one of which was as big as a dime.
Glad I made it through the activity before the massive pain kicked in.
Got to love kidney diseases!

I prayed on Sunday and asked to just make it through enrichment if they stone was going to get really bad. Thankfully he answered my prayer and I made it through Wednesday night before It got really bad.
I also think the tight skirt and belt were holding in the pain because as soon as I took them off I thought I was going to die I was in so much pain.
Im glad I got my pictures and that I got to go to the Enrichment and then that I had such an awesome friend who was willing to take me to the ER, while still in her 80's outfit, now thats true love. 

I was so hot under all that hair and hair spray.
I now know why I ozone layer is fried..... THE 80s and big hair.

I had pink glittery eyeliner, and turquoise mascara. its really hard to see in the picture, but it looked pretty cool.
We did a speed "friendshipping" thing and so I was sitting directly across from a lot of ladies and most of them asked if I had glittery mascara on. :) It was pretty fun!! 

Towards the tale end of my kidney stuff, (my kidneys swelled up so bad from the surgery that they were blocking anything from passing through, so I was in a lot of pain for alot of days.) Landon lost his second top middle tooth while at a friends house.
He decided that it was really hard to eat meat without his front two teeth.
He of course resorted to eating on the side of his mouth.

Tayton and Braddoc found my camera, I love this picture.

Braddoc is big time into coloring on the sidewalk with chalk.
He said that this was his pet monkey and he was hugging it.
The only problem with this is that if it rains, it washes his guys away and he is heart broken.
So now when it rains he will run outside and try to lay on his drawings to protect them from the rain. He will yell at me to get an umbrella so that he can save his friends.
We had a long talk one night about how we just had to redraw them and enjoy them while we have them. 
He did not like that, but he finally gave into reality.

The kids love to ride their bikes and climb on daddies car.
I don't like the climbing on cars part, but I love that Aowyn has finally joined in on the bike play.
She moves the bike herself and loves every minute of it.
Sometimes one of her brothers will push her, but most of the time she is just happy to move herself.
She is P E R F E C T!!!!!

Braddoc was covered in sidewalk chalk after he gave his monkey a hug.
All of his friends names are Kuma, Kumon, Kulan, and Kumlon. But they are all spelled.....
 B R A D D O C.
He finally learned to write his name and so he writes it all the time.

Landon finally started really baseball.
And of course he LOVES it!!!!
He is not a big fan of being in the outfield though.
(but I can't blame him because neither am I.)

Noah is the coach.

I about died when Landon was the catcher.
I met Noah because he was playing baseball with my brother.
I remember the first time I saw him was when he was catcher (his normal position).
I was sitting to the right of the back stop and he threw his helmet off to catch a pop fly foul ball.
I remember very audibly doing a gasp, and asking my mom who he was. 
No matter that my boyfriend of almost two years was sitting to my left.
Well that was it, Noah had peaked my interested and a month or so later I broke up with my boyfriend in hopes of dating Noah. (more on that at another time.)
So of course the catcher position has a soft place in my heart because it was my first real, love at first site moment with Noah.
So I felt like there was a bit of coming fully circle when Landon put on the catchers gear.

But of course the catchers gear is not comfortable.
And picking wedges is so not fun!

I found this little lady hanging out on my bed coloring pictures.
I was so proud of her for coloring on paper, until I saw her foot.
Eh, she kind of got the idea right.

But who can resist that face? I adore this little girl.

These two are by far best buddies.
They are home with me for about 4 hours, 4 days a week and they have really learned to play well together.
It melts my heart to see how much they love each other.

And its finally here.....
How do I know?
Little wet foot prints everywhere because my kids are living in the water.....

And adorable little flip flops come out.
We sat down and made up our bucket list for this summer and I am ready for school to be out so we can start checking things off.

On an unrelated noted, Tayton is driving me BATTY with the binkie.
I talk it from him only to find it back in his mouth minutes later.
The other night when we were tucking him in we told him that when he turns 3 next month that his binkie would have to go to heaven like it did for Landon and Braddoc.
He looks at us like we are crazy and says, "NO!!! Binkies can't walk! It doesn't have shoes, or a head or feet." Silly mom and dad, of course his binkie can't go to Heaven, it can't walk.
This kid is WAY TOOOOOOOO SMART for any of our good.
So can anyone tell me why he is the hardest and most stubborn kid to potty train and take the binkie away from????
This kid..... is TOTALLY giving me a run for my money.
I am for sure earning my mom keep with this one.

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