Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crazy catch up part 2

The last few months have been pretty crazy around here. 
Here is just a few of the things that have been happening around here:
*Landon had mono and was out of school for over 2 weeks and missed out on over a month of basketball.
* Aurie was diagnosed with Graves disease after being super sick for months. Its been a long battle, one that is far from over, and its a daily struggle that we are learning as a family.
*Aowyn learned how to walk.
*Braddoc started preschool and is riding the bus to school.
*Aurie found out she is super allergic to narcotics which is what one of the meds for Graves is, so we are all learning new life styles to help support Graves. One of those changes is eliminating Red Dye #40 from our diet. That's been super fun. :(
*Braddoc started OT therapy and we are learning new coping skills for him, including proprioception activities for him.
*We bought a new van. BEST THING EVER!!! We finally have lots more room and don't feel so squished.
*Landon is now reading chapter books.
*My brother and sister in law came to visit.
*We celebrated Landon and Braddoc's half birthdays. (yes we do that)
*Noah and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.
*Noah got a new job as the training manager at his work and it has been great for our family.
*Taytons reflux started acting up again and he has made it an art of throwing up on his brothers.
*Tayton got super sick and was so very sick for days. He did not sleep at night so Noah took a bunk bed mattress and slept on Taytons floor for several nights in a row. (have I mentioned how much my husband rocks?) Tayton lost 3 lbs during this time and has not gained them back.
Here is A LOT of pictures to show you have we have spent the last few months.

Aowyn is a walking champ now. She hardly ever crawls and I am so happy for her and for her pants, now maybe she won't ruin so many of them at the knees.
She loves it and feels like such a big girl.
She started walking right around Valentines day.

Tayton and Aowyn are the best of friends, and get into lots of trouble together.
Aowyn LOVES to help me with laundry and as soon as I go in the laundry room she is not far behind and likes to help me move clothes from the washer to the dryer. 
And recently she decided that she also liked getting into the dryer......

Braddoc is a pro at lining things up. He LOVES to do it. Thats how he plays with his toys.
But heaven forbid someone touches it....

Like I said before, Aowyn and Tayton are double trouble.
They love to play together and love to get into trouble together.
Sometimes I think they have made an Art of it.

Aowyn will find anything and everything that people leave out. Including plates with ketchup on them that did not make it to the sink. Who ever thought the floor was a good place to leave a plate apparently didn't remember that we had a 2.5 foot tall mouse in our house. 
Either that or they were trying to help her get to the goods.

This is by far my favorite face that she makes.
L.O.V.E HER!!!!!!

Our most recent adventure with Aowyn was when my parents send a valentines box for the kids and some shared the candy with Aowyn when I was in the shower.
She in turn shared the chocolate with the couch and pillows.... such a good sharer she is.

I think the little tiny hand print was my favorite. 

Noah got her dress and she was just so adorable in her Valentines outfit.
My parent sent her a bunch of necklaces and she had a blast wearing them. Up until then she was using the boys binoculars for her necklaces. Every morning when she woke up she would find the binoculars and put them on.
The first pictures is the after shot of the chocolate fiasco. The second is how cute she looked before.
We had heart shaped pizza for our Valentines day dinner. Its a fun tradition we have to have a heart shaped dinner on Valentines day.
Last year was a heart shaped meat loaf. 
This year I think the pizza was a bigger hit.

Aowyn likes to get into the baby wipes and has a fun little party playing with them. 
I think this happens on a daily basis. 
I am getting better at not leaving the wipes on the couch, but boy when I forget and leave them out she is on it so fast.....

 The kids all opening their Valentines stuff from Nana and Pops.

This kid cracks me up.
Lately he has started getting really mad at people and things and when he does he calls them names. Its kind of hard to punish him because I die laughing at the mean names he calls us and other things. I have no idea where he comes up with it.
My favorite one so far has been, "Freaking Cat". First of all, what? and Second of all, I have no idea where he has ever heard that? He called me that one day and I had to walk away because I was laughing so hard. One day Noah was on his knees trying to get Tayton to put on his shows and Tayton looks at him and says, "You a Girl!!!" when Noah doesn't respond and says, "Put your shoes on," Tayton follows it up with, "Ew hear me dad? Ew hear me call you a GIRL!" Seriously busted gut laughing. 
One day when the tv was acting up he yells, "Freaking cat." Okay so apparently he hates cats and people need to really watch their mouth around me ubber smart 2 year old.

The chocolate fiasco has a beginning.

Aowyn was climbing on stuff before she could even walk.
Yeah we are in for a world of trouble.
She also does this super high pitched skreetch when she is upset.
Girl all the way!!!

 Aowyn loves her babies.
She is such a girl and such a little mommy. 
She gets her babies and pats them on the back and holds them close. She puts them to bed and rocks them and sings to them.
Seriously!!! I love having a girl. 
She is just so stinking perfect.

This is what we do when Landon's at school. 
Okay not really, but it was super cute!!

I finally felt half way decent and one night for craft night I finally put together Aowyn's wooden name and got it up on her wall.

Tayton has started drawing and not just eating crayons.
Okay well he still eats crayons but he draws too.

Aowyn found her new favorite hiding spot.
I find her in here a lot.

She is also a big fan of corners. Not sure why, but I find her just chilling in the corner a lot.
Sometimes she comes out stinky....maybe that's her thing.

This kid is a mess.
A messy mess.

The only thing I really love about our one story house is that Aowyn will just walk to her room to play.

Braddocs half birthday.
Yes thats a my little pony car.
Yes he is a boy.
Yes he loves my little pony and this remote control car.
I think its adorable.
See his tongue hanging out? This is how Noah and I know he is getting anxious.
We started celebrating half birthdays just at home with our little family. 
Because we don't buy them anything during the year, they earn allowance to buy their own things. And then when Aowyn was born in December (when all the boys are in the summer) we decided that we did not only want to buy her stuff once a year. We love that the boys birthdays are in the summer and so they can get stuff half way through the year without only getting stuff around Christmas. So that's what sprung our half birthday celebrations.
Now all our kids get stuff in the summer and around Christmas.

He would rather be in undies. 
He hates clothes.
At least he only does it at home.

Tayton found Aowyns hiding spot.
 Enjoying her wipes and bottle.

 Getting into silly messes together.

Braddoc loves to take pictures with my camera and my phone.
Its funny that he never uses his camera we got him for Christmas.
Guess mine is just more fun.

I love how these two have bonded so well together.

Its Almost impossible to get a good picture of them all together.

Landon loves puzzles and had a blast putting this one together with Noah.
I loved doing puzzles with my grandmother Ruby, so I love that Landon enjoys doing them too.

Not sure why he thought it was a good idea to get into the high chair.
Yes he got stuck.
Yes I laughed at him.
Yes I got him.

Tayton and Aowyn have become best friends since Braddoc started school.

I love that Braddoc loves his hats so much.
Everyone tells me how jealous they are that I have a kid who is obsessed with hats.
I think its cute!

Aowyn is a food hog.
She steals her brothers food.
She sneaks anything she can get her hands on.
This time she got Braddocs leftover plate and licked up his ketchup.

Landon had his half birthday and since the kids is obsessed with puzzles, he got puzzles.

The kids really loved the cake.

Aowyn loves to be at the big kid table and has to have cereal like her brothers.

I was diagnosed with Graves a few months ago and because of the Graves I shake a lot. 
I tend to drop a lot of things because I just have horrible grip. 
I was opening a box of cereal and dropped the whole thing, thankfully not a ton spilled.
Learning to live with the Graves..... so fun! :(

Landon played a lot of basketball. He is #7.

Aowyn is just a doll!!!
I thought you should know!

Tayton is my angel.
He is also sneaky and a little mini hulk.
It makes for a good mix.
He keeps me on my toes and I just adore him.

If you cant tell he has a whole box worth of fruit snacks under him.

Best buddies!

And in keeping with Basketball.....more basketball.

Braddoc loves squinkies and because of that, I find them all over the house.
I think they are so cute.
Cleaning them up for weeks however is not fun.

Tayton is obsessed with Play doh at the moments, and the mess from that keeps me busy as well.
This was a daily occurance for awhile. Tayton will play with the playdoh for hours.

Again, ADORABLE!!!

I super glad that he is my Valentine.

And these two.....

Inpromptu Gangnam style dance parties are the best.

I think the best part was that they took turns MCing for each other.

Even Aowyn was getting down.

My brother and his wife came into town to visit. 
I really love those guys and it was great to have them come see us.
This is the end of our playing Quelf.... the best game ever.
If you haven't play it you should.
You do weird and wild and crazy things and it totally takes you out of your comfort zone.
(at one point I had to talk like I had no teeth, with a sock puppet, hence the weirdo face)

Ninjas RULE!


And necklaces made out of tulle are oh so cool.

Aowyn was having a blast with her Aunt and Uncle. 
(she looks like a troll when you take her hair tie out....)

You know... this is how she rolls.
A Light saber is part of her wardrobe.

Needless to say we had a blast and we hated that they had to leave.... :(

Hide and seek.... I love the little toes peeking out.

We introduced the kids to Dont Eat Pete.... I pretty much love that game.

Tayton got a little crazy and ate way to many M&Ms..... he was an expert Dont Eat Pete played though. He got down to pete last every time.

She loves singing.

My poor guy was sick for quit a few days. I felt so bad for him. He was so sad and miserable.
I just wanted to cuddle with him, but he wanted to be alone.
He was up all night crying every night.
Noah slept in his room.
He cried all day.
He was finally old enough to tell me that he didn't feel good and what hurt, so that was a sickness break through.

Im glad he is feeling better.

Part 3 of catch up too come soon.

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