Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beach and Sea World

I already posted some of the beach pictures, here is the post with the other pictures, its at the end of the post, so here is the rest of the trip.

I had a blast with these kids, it was a much needed get away. 
I had been sick for months and one of them sick also and only a week before I had found clean eating to help with my Graves symptoms and so I was excited to try it out on our big trip.
I am happy to say that I felt so good and am a firm believer now in clean eating.

Whats better then bath time with all of your siblings?

Aowyn is a MAJOR daddies girl. 
She loves, loves, loves, loves, loves (insert about 1 million more loves) her daddy.

She is a total salad girl and loves her meat too. 
If given the choice however she will chose the salad or veggies over anything else.

This is her new "say cheese" face.
GAH!! I love this girl!

Tayton was not sure about the sand at first, but he quickly decided that he LOVED it!

Whats the point in getting dressed in clothes when you wake up and your back yard is literally a beach?

Plus they have lots of holes that need dug.

I totally love this guy.

Sand + snotty noses = best trip ever? or maybe most boxes of tissue used ever!!!!

But she was having a blast.... so who really cares about snotty noses? Right!?

Im pretty sure she thought the hole was the coolest thing ever.

Sand, best buddies and big holes. 
I think these two really enjoyed this trip.

The water was freezing, but the big three two, had a blast running from the waves.

The little two loved playing in the wet sand

Needless to say they all got a good work out in.
And they slept great at night.
Most of us crashed around 9 every night.

Aowyn did NOT like it when the waves hit her.
We were pretty far up on the beach but we had one rouge wave that found us.
She was not happy at all about that.

One of our beach days we hit up Sea World and had a blast.
One of the whales had a baby on Valentines day.
It was the cutest little big baby whale ever.
The kids loved looking at him.

The Shamu show is always our favorite.
But it does cause Braddoc a lot of anxiety, he is constantly worried we are going to get wet.
Thats why we sit outside of the soak zone.

We also love the starfish pool where you can touch the star fish.
This year Braddoc was brave enough to touch them.
However, less then five minutes later he took off in one of the aquariums and got lost for a good 5-7 minutes. They were the scariest minutes of my life.
When he is overwhelmed he goes into his own little world and blocks out everything else. He did not hear us yelling for him, or try to find us, he just wandered around in his own little world.
Scary stuff I tell yah!
Sometimes it makes me want to not do things like this, but I do know that he does have fun most of the time and that the other kids love it too, so Ill take the good with the heart attacks bad.
His therapist said that we can not be hermits, even though trips like this make me want to be a hermit.

Tayton was on a hunt to find Nemo. 
He found Dory and Squirt but it took us a bit longer to find a nemo.
He kept saying "Nemo, where are you?" 
It was precious.

Landon loves Dolphins so this show was his favorite.
We sat in the very back row, so it was not my favorite because I was so worried that someone was going to fall off. 
Tayton kept telling anyone who ever remotely looked at him to, "Not yook at me."
And Aowyn would stare at people until they looked at her and then she would play shy.
Silly kids.

They have a super fun kids play area but it was so packed that Noah and I were both nervous we were going to lose one of the big kids, so we did not stay long.

We ate out at our favorite restaurants, played at the beach, had a bonfire, cooked out meals, went to Sea World, made some friends, played in the water and overall had a really fun time.
I cant wait to go back.

And now that sea world is opening a water park this summer, I think we might just have to make a trip out there again.

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