Friday, March 08, 2013


And now that the snow is finally melted and pretty much gone from our back yard AND our trampoline (hallelujah!) I am finally posting about our first winter.....

This is the first time, in our married life and with kids that we have lived anywhere that snowed.
Like for real snow that comes down and does not stop and actually sticks.

Noah and I both grew up in
Alaska so we both are used to the snow.
We both grew up skiing and snowboarding and sledding.
So of course when it snowed all Noah could think about was taking the kids out to go sledding.
So they called some friends and went sledding at the hill right by our house.

See that set of poles in the top middle of the picture? That is right where the hill is, and I am taking this picture standing on the top ledge of my door frame.

Noah is in the dark coat with yellow on it.
Braddoc is in the blue coat
 Landon is in a black coat with green stripes on it.

Going down.....
oh boy did that kid have fun! He has been several times since this day and always wants to be there. Its all he talks about.

This was always the worst part for me when I was a kid.
 The trek back up the hill.

And the best part....
the ride down the hill.

This husband of mine was like a big kid.
He was laughing and yelling and having a heck of a time.

It was even better because it was snowing the whole time.
Perfect sledding weather.

My little men hanging out, waiting for a sled.

I can't say that I want to live in the snow forever, but it does make make me happy right now.
I love it, for now.
I hate the 9 degree weather and the freezing cold cars but I love the look of snow.
Happy winter!

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