Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Playing Santa

This year we had an Elf on the Shelf and when he left he left the kids a note.
Tayton is still asking in a very serious voice, "Where da Elf?" over and over again.
And I think Santa's reindeer were so full because they could not finish the carrot.
But at least Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk.
Thanks Santa
(I wish I could say the elf letter was all mine, but it's not. I stole it from a friend, Amy, because my brain was fried and I couldn't think.)
This year Santa had a bunch of gifts to put together. Thankfully he had some extra helpers this year putting everything together.

This adorable guy was a beast to put together. Little Tykes is the devil to put together,  but then its such awesome quality I guess it evens out.

This is Landon's loot.... 
A guitar
Phineas and Ferb guys
A Imaginext knights Castle
A Face Sticker book
How to build paper airplanes 
and a stocking full of goodies.
These are all the specific things that he asked Santa for he was very particular this year.

Braddoc's Loot
A bike 
(he has a bike but he hates it because he can not pedal it and get it to move so he wanted a new big. When Santa saw this he knew that it was perfect for him.)
A Castle
A Cozy coupe shopping cart
Brave guys
A sticker book
A Pooh seek and find book
A stocking full of goodies
All that he asked for was the Bike, he was not consistant with anything. Santa was so excited when he found some things for Braddoc that he knew would be great for his Autism.)

Tayton's Loot
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ship
Jake guys
Mickey Mouse books
Stocking full of goodies
He loves Jake and trucks and bikes and thats all he has talked about.)

Aowyn's Goodies
Little People Princess's
Little People Princess Castle
Princess Doll
Tea Set
Princess Toddler Dolls
A Stocking full of goodies
Santa was SOOO excited to finally get to bring girly stuff into our house.

Santa worked really hard to make this Lego table for Landon, but unfortunately Braddoc found it a few days before Christmas, so it was from mom and dad instead.

The boys loot.
 All those large vehicles took up a ton of space in our living room. 

More of Christmas to come.

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