Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Girly Owl 1st Birthday

Aowyns birthday is December 1st. 
She was due on December 14th and I so desperately wanted her here earlier then that so that her birthday was not mixed in with the Christmas festivities. 
I really wanted her here the last week of November so that her birthday was her own time. 
I went into labor the weekend of Thanksgiving and kept willing it to stop so that I could make it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Iron Bowl. 
My willing worked.
She waited.... at least for a little while.
She decided that she could not wait any more and started her approach on the last day of November.
However she had plans of her own and I was in labor for about 30+ hours and she did not come until December 1st.

I decided that we would have her party in mid November so that it was special all on its own.
My family was coming for Thanksgiving so plans changed and her party became the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.

She was my first baby who actually cared about what was happening when she was opening her gifts. 
She would coo about them and reach for them and would cry when I would go to take one away and give her another one to open. She was cracking me up. She would reach for each one and then  try her best to get it out of the box.

She would point and jibber jabber about each gift.
I just love this girl. 
She is sooo very girly.

My favorite was when she got the twins and kept kissing the babies in the box trying to get to them.
Made my mommy heart melt.

I love those big brown eyes.

Her cake did not work out the way I planned.
It kept falling apart and the stuff was sliding down the side of the cake, but at least it did not fall completely apart.

I wish she had face planted in it and just ate it. 
None of my kids have done that.
And she stayed in keeping with that tradition.
She got so close and then thought better of it and sat up with out face planting it.

Instead, she just put her fingers in a little bit at a time and licked it off.
How very dainty and girl that little miss is.

Finally she got a chunk!
Okay maybe I stuck her hand in it really good.

Now she has it all figured out.

All the fun stuff for this awesome little girl.
I can't believe she is one.
I can't believe she is mine.
I can't believe how much she has changed our family.
And I am so glad she is who she is.

All cleaned up and ready to play with her toys and to watch the Iron Bowl.
Jam packed day I tell yah.

She loved the doll my parents gave her.
It sings a song and dances, and every time it turns on she is booging right along with it.

She got a set of cabbage patch twins and it was a surprise as to whether they were boys or girls or both. And whether or not they had hair.

She got two little bald girls.
Perfect fit for our family. 

She loves babies.
She cries if I put her to bed without a baby doll.
She crawls all over with one in her hand or her arm.
She is my girl for sure. I was still asking for baby dolls for Christmas when I was 12.

I have dreamed of a girls birthday party for years.
I love owls.
I love pink and green and blue.
Aowyn's room is pink and green and blue and owly.
So of course her party had to be pink and green and blue and owly.

I had a "blast" finding all of the candy in the right colors.
(of course after the party I found the cutest little candy shop where you can by individual colors of every candy you can imagine..... big plans for next year.)

I used a bunch of stuff from her room to decorate for the party.

Oh the fun I had.
It was marvelous I tell you.
SIMPLY marvelous. 

Pink, pink and more pink.
The food was fun to make.
I loved that I found pink oreos!!!
It was divine intervention I think.

The owl cake, that would not stay together. 
Oh well, at least she is one and doesn't care.
And it was pink.
And it was an owl.
So it was perfect.

(first time trying pourable fondent was an adventure.)

The owl cupcakes though turned out exactly like I wanted.
I love it!

I used reeses pieces and oreos. Easy peesy!

My first attempt at making pom pom's. 
They were so easy, and turned out great.
Super fun and cheap and easy way to decorate.

For the table I used tule and then dye cut circles and sewed them together.
Easy, easy, easy!

For the banner I cut out triangles.
Printed some Owls and a happy birthday.
Glued them to the triangles.
I cut small slits on the middle two edges of each triangle and then strung the ribbon through.

I also hot glued beads onto the #1 to make it more girly. 
Of course as I was taking the pictures one of the corner beads came off.
Oh well, live and learn...though Im not sure what I learned exactly.

All in all I say it was a great success.
Aowyn loved it.
I loved it.
The happily ever after end of a Girly Owl 1st Birthday.

Starting my planning for next year.
This girl stuff is FUN!!!!

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