Thursday, January 03, 2013

December Review

This December, since I was so sick, I feel like we did not get to all the things I wanted to.
We did not do our advent calendar. 
We didn't open a book every night and read it. (they kind of got opened multiple at a time by a very curious 4 year old)
We didn't have our annual Christmas dance party (we had some short impromptu dance parties)
Make and take goodies to our friends
Go to Thanksgiving Point
We did not go to do about half the things I wanted.... 
But we did...
Send out Christmas Cards

Decorate the tree 
(with minimal yelling from me... yes I stress out about all the pretty ornaments getting broke. I do have 3 Little BOYS after all.)

Our elf, Jingle Bells, was dropped off on our door step and he made his way around the house, sometimes doing silly things. And unfortunately sometimes he either got stuck or was sleeping because some nights, much to the anger of our children, did not move.

We made Gingerbread men and Gingerbread houses.
(this is Landons)

(this is braddocs side of the roof)

We had lots of Christmas movie nights!

We made Sugar Cookies.

I made a felt tree, that I wish I could say the kids loved to decorate.... but I would be lying. They loved to take it apart, A LOT!!!

We wrapped presents. LOTS AND LOTS of presents. 
All the Aunts and Uncles who sent presents sent them unwrapped so I had even more to wrap this year. Thankfully Landon is now an independent wrapper. 
It was covered in tape, one was even tapped using electrical tape, but it was help and he had a BLAST!

I was in charge of the Church Christmas party program, so of course we went to the ward party.
My sweet little "Bethelemite" (my name for the people) family are on the top right side of the picture.

We opened Ornaments from Grams and Pop pop and from Mom and Dad.

And we went to the Ogden Christmas village. 
I LOVED that place! 
We will be making that a tradition while we live here.

The village is made up of a bunch of little "houses" which are all decorated inside with fun Christmas scenes. It was so much fun to walk around and look at.

It was FREEZING!!! But fun.

We also saw Santa.
Landon told him he wanted a Microphone and a Guitar.
He was scared to go see him the whole time we waited outside but when we got in and he saw him he could not wait to get sit on his lap.

Tayton LOVED him!
He told him he wanted presents and Candy.
My silly boy.

Aowyn screamed when I put her near him so she did not see him and stuff like that scares Braddoc so he stayed back with dad and waved at Santa. 
Santa was wonderful and waved back and asked him what he wanted. Braddoc looked at me and said, "you tell him. TELL HIM MOM." in a very quiet whisper. So I told him he wanted a bike and they all got candy canes and we left to go see the rest of the village.

Braddoc's candy cane was broken, so when I opened it it fell and he freaked out and took off running. I had to chase him down and when I got him he just fell in my arms and cried (after he kicked me). So I held him for the rest of the time and he just cried on my shoulder. I felt so bad from him. I wish that a candy cane did not ruin his night. I can't even imagine what its like for him.

Landon learned Feliz Navidad at school so he was excited to see the words.

And we also got to go see Landon sing in his school Christmas Program.
Wheres Landon?

Landon's teacher, Mrs. Dickinson is in the brown dress with the pink cardigan. 
He loves her and Noah and I love her.

And of course we had fun with some silly Monkey's.

We also got to buy a bunch of presents for a family we know and wrapped them and drop them off for them. The kids loved being secret santa and that is my favorite part of the whole season.

So while I had a horrible headache most of the month and I feel like we did not do much. 
I look back on the month now with a better perspective.
I know what to fix about next year and I know how I need to change.
We did lots of fun things and I know next year will only be better
Live and learn.

"George Bailey's life is wonderful because over the years he makes choices of sacrifice that benefit others, and the gift given by the angel Clarence is one of perspective. Often we overlook the many good things in our life that still outweigh the singular difficult trial we might be going through."

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