Friday, January 04, 2013

Crazy, fun? times

These last few weeks have been all sorts of crazy up in this joint.
Life with kids is never dull. Its never boring and its NEVER CLEAN.

These are just a few snippets of crazy from this last month.

Happy new year mom.... me and my friends are going to dump out all the drawers and bins and books while you lay Aowyn down for a nap. Yippie!!!

Tayton has been all about shoving things up his nose lately. Last week it was a popcorn kernel in each nostril. Today it was gold fish... totally my kid.... I stuck a carrot up my nose as a kid, I guess this is payback. 

Aowyn keeps getting stuck in the chair legs and just screams till I get her out.

These two are best buds and double trouble.

This is what my laundry roomed looked like for the better part of the month. No matter how much I did a day there was always more. Braddoc changes about 15 times a day so that has a lot to do with it.... can't wait till he can do his own laundry.

At least I have a cute "helper".

So thats what the floor looks like.... get a good look, you wont see it for long.

Someone decided he wanted to paint himself with ketchup. Yep that was a fun clean up.

I watched a friends little boy for a couple of hours one day and I swear that kid is the fastest little mess maker EVER. He was like a little tornado that just had a wake of destruction where ever he went.

Meanwhile the big kids made a mess of their own. 
The set up of the bedroom was not very easy to play in, so I have since rearranged and its much better.

Oh look, more laundry. Surprise, surprise. 

This is what my house looked like for a better part of the month. Not this exactly but very similar... stupid migraines but me on my butt for much of the month.

And this little lady is finally really playing with her toys so of course I had to take time to just play.

This mess I am ashamed to say I yelled about A LOT. It was just ridiculous. I even cried. It was THAT bad. Every single puzzle and matching game dumped out on the floor. How do these things happen so fast? 2 minutes to create, almost 2 hours to clean up.
Thats not even all of it, that's just what I had time or remembered to take pictures of.
CRAZY STUFF I tell yah.

And as a cute fun side note- This is how Braddoc sings Frosty the Snow Man.....
"Frosty the snow with a JOLLY ROGER SNOW, with corn cob pipe and button nose and froow eyes made out of snow."

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Laura said...

Just think, "Laura's house looks like this too!" and you'll feel all better. I promise, we have messes at LEAST as messy as that!
Love you!