Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmasy Baby shower

An awesome new friend moved into the ward on Halloween. 
She has two boys that are my older two boys age and is absolutely adorably tiny pregnant, due next week, with her third and this time its A GIRL!!!
So of course I had to throw her a last minute impromptu baby shower.

Her babies theme in her room is red, pink, blue and green, so another friend and I set to work making a Christmasy theme baby shower (in less then 2 weeks).

I loved the tree. 
I loved even more that people kept asking me if I got the ideas from pinterest and I could happily say... "not this time. this was all me."

And of course no shower is complete with out oodles of yummy candy.

Her babies name will be Lucy. 
I got a large A at Aowyn's baby shower and I LOVE IT, so I wanted to make her one too.

I was so impressed that 11 ladies came to a shower where they hardly knew the person and with such short notice. 
These ladies ROCK!!! I love them.

Super yummy food!

And the star of the show herself!!! 
She got some super cute clothes!

Lucy will be one sharp looking kiddo.

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