Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Cuteness and busy bees

Its no secret that a mom loves her kids.
Its no secret that a mom thinks her kids are the cutest things ever.

So here are a few shots of my not so secret cuties. 

I don't seem to have many shots of this little man not getting into trouble.

I can not believe how big she is getting.

I don't think that Tayton can eat yogurt. I think he absorbs it.

I love these two adorables.

Me and my little lady.

Aowyn LOVES the garbage can....so gross!

Cute little boobie traps! 

Batman/spiderman? Im not sure which, but its cute!

Potty Training this kid, might officially kill me. 
Just maybe.
But his little bum running away in adorable backwards underwear is so cute.

He is really getting into imaginative play.
He carries guys all over the place and acts out what they are saying all day long.
So cute!

Landon got all ready for basketball.
He is wearing a church sweater vest.
Someone at school told him you where shirts with no sleeves to basketball, this was his version.
Silly cuteness!

I knocked over the sugar on accident while trying to get something out of the pantry...
I have to think its so cute so I don't SO cry.

This is one of those times when I have to find this cute and endearing so I don't want to yell at my husband.
I was putting laundry away and for the life of me could not figure out why we did not have enough hangers in the laundry room to match the amount of clothes we had.
I finally went and looked in Noah's closet and found this massive amount of hangers still in there.
Yep, he totally hangs them up in the laundry room after he uses them.
8 years of marriage and he still doesn't do this, you think both of us would have figured this out by now. 
So cute!!!???

There is just some of our cuteness of the week.

And now Christmas is officially down and Valentines is up!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Fun

The Saturday before Christmas we had so much fun.
We started the Day by going to Gardner Village.
Its an adorable little village of shops sitting right in the middle of the city. 
They have an elf hunt every year and the kids had a blast hunting for all the elves.
Aowyn was a bundled up little pea in a pod.

The kids looking for elves. 
We lucked out and got to go with some friends. Each of our kids had their best little buddy with them.

There was a man with an adorable miniature pony and a full size horse.
The kids had a blast seeing and petting the pony. 
That is until the horse trampled a kid, right in front of my face, less then a foot from me. Thankfully it was not one of our kids and the boy was fine but it still scared the crap out of my kids, especially Tayton. He was right next to the boy who got trampled and he cried for a long time.

This is how Aowyn looked for a really long time, I kept having to fix her hat because it was in her eyes.

Tayton and his best buddy, hanging with the elf.

All the big kids with their buddies.

Landon and his best friend Adrian.
(silly boys)

My adorable little man who is growing up too fast.
He finally moved on from 2t clothes to 3t clothes, literally over night. 
Stay little, time is moving too fast.

Some more cutie pie elves and some cutie pie kids too.

It was soooo cold. It might not have been so bad had it not been for the wind. It was bone chilling. 
Me and my baby doll made the best of it. 
Aowyn was such a trooper. She did not fuss the whole time we were there. What a baby angel.

After a pretty spectacular day at Gardner Village and a WONDERFUL gluten free hamburger lunch at the best burger joint in Utah (Astroburger) we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake to see the lights.
Apparently so did every other person within 25 miles because it was so packed. 
Landon at one point said, "Mom this is like Disneyland with out the rides." It was so crazy. Worst day to go I guess. We kept getting lost and separated and then we were not able to see all the lights because it was like herding cattle in that place. We did enjoy what we saw and loved the beautiful peaceful majesty of it all.

The true Beautiful Reason for the Season.

Noah, Braddoc and Tayton with our friends the Snows in front of the temple.

So pretty. 
I did have to laugh though because there were a few trees here and there that had no lights on them.
Poor trees did not get the beautiful lights adoring them. 

Thankfully Braddoc rode on Noahs shoulders for a long time so I could just follow the red bobbing head and not get lost.

The reading of the birth of Christ Christmas story in Luke, with the set up was just breath taking. We could not get close enough and I wish I had thought to put on my zoom lens but this was still wonderful.

The star guiding the wise men to Jesus, like it does for all of us.

So beautiful.

I love this time of year.
I am not ready for it to be over.
May the Spirit of Christmas live on in all of us all year long.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Sunday

We always take pictures the Sunday before Christmas in our wonderful matching Sunday clothes.
This year Landon was rocking a beautiful band aid because he got hit in the head with a snow ball that had a rock in it the Friday before and got a nasty cut on his forehead and that morning he cut it open again while showering.

Braddoc has a hard day on Sundays because its a serious Sensory Processing overload and taking pictures before 9 am church was not really going to happen, so Braddoc is not in very many pictures.

I love all the out takes.... or really they are all out takes. I love them. They are so full of personality.

Aowyn is trying to escape.
I made the boys all gold bow ties to match Aowyns gold dress and the big one and little one loved them so much they have requested I make them more.

This was about the extent of Aowyn. 
That princess is so full of personality. I LOVE IT!!!!

Okay so maybe she wont look at the camera.
 Done and Done!!!

It was hard to get a picture together because the front room is TINY!! 
And since we had house guests it was even tinier, so we worked with what we had.

Time to be silly!!!

Tayton was crying.
Landon would not hold Aowyn
Aowyn wanted my necklace
Braddoc was struggling
and we got the best picture we could.
These are my favorites. 
Perfectly defines our life.

Us all with my dad and brother.

Prop the camera on a chair and a book and a pillow and run before the timer goes off.
Now SMILE!!!

Boy do I love this guy.
When I told him I was making the boys bow ties he wanted to know if I would make him one too so they could all match.
He is seriously my Prince Charming.