Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life through the eyes of the camera phone (part 3)

Legoland continued.

The hotel while we were at Legoland.

Aowyn has loved her babies since she was big enough to hold them.

Because of Taytons horrible reflux and his Phantom Fevers we spent lots of time in the doctors office.

Aowyns discovered her tongue.

My kids have never done this so I thought it was hilarious when one of our friends kids did when I was watching her.

More Disney on Ice fun!

I was working out a lot trying to lose all the baby weight.

Shots are never fun.

Feet are so yummy!

Noah and I have a secret code for each other.... this is one of those secret codes that I texted him. 

Landon got in a bike wreck and got a nasty boo boo.

Tayton gets into so much trouble.

Tayton has had many hospital visits.
This time he had a colonoscopy to check and see how much damage the reflux had done to his stomach.

They gave him a popsicle as the anesthesia was wearing off.

I was tested to help aid in my weight loss journey. 
I was seeing what kind of calories my body could take in.

Landon got a bloody nose when we stopped at a park on the way to Disneyland.


Aowyn learned to sit up.

Who are these dryers made for?
Those things were so low to the ground.

Aowyns big brothers love to share everything with her.....
When she fusses they love to give her things.

What is so much fun about a baby carrier when your not a baby anymore?

Camel siders!
This one was chasing down my boys when Noah saw it and knew he could not get there fast enough he threw something at it, but the scary spider just ran around it and kept coming at my babies. It did slow him down a bit and Noah was able to get to it in time to kill it.
I hate those things.

Baby selfy.

we have officially moved to Utah. 
And now we are in TLF

Someone points at everything.

Braddoc turned 4 in TLF

Braddoc loves building things out of playdoh

We went to temple square and were able to see a young man from our Ward in Vegas on his mission.

You don't want to mess with us, we are ready for the big game!!!
Roll TIDE!

First day of school

Braddoc's doctor gave him some headphones to help him keep out the noise.

Mommy and Landon date for ice cream.

Landon's ice cream.

On Mommy and Braddoc's date we discovered that Mcdonalds fries come in the tiniest box EVER

We found this mound of ANTS when walking one day.
Not an ant hill, but literally a pile of ants.
Those are all ants.

Tayton had apparently eaten a bunch of balloons and I had no idea till I changed his diaper.
I am so grateful that he did not get sick.
And that it did not kill him.
I can't imagine what would have happened if one of those had filled up.

I love watching babies sleep especially when they look this cute.

I love this picture of the American flag and the Salt Lake Temple.