Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Temple with the family

Back in October Noahs Grandparents, Bob and Mary Anne, came to visit. They were wonderful and decided to fly Noahs sister Emma down to visit as well.
We all had so much fun hanging out. The kids had never met their Great Grandparents. 

We talk about them a lot so it was really nice to have them here and I absolutely loved seeing them with the boys. It was just beautiful.
We got the change to visit Temple Square with them and listen to Pop Pop (Bob) tell us all about his word working skills and tell us about all the old tools that they used to build the temple. 
I was so much fun to spend all this time with them and get to know them all better.

Holy Utah bugs!!!
This thing was HUGE!!!

We also had the wonderful opportunity while we were at Temple square to see one of our wonderful friends son get released from his two year mission in service to our church. He was serving a mission entering names into the Census database. It was pretty cool to get to listen to him tell us all about it. I love this family. 
We also got the chance to have them come and stay with us at our house that night too before they had to drive home. I really miss this family.

These are seriously two of the sweetest people alive. 

Our boys love John.

Noah and his book end Emma.

This tree reminds me of something out of a Fairy Tale, maybe Alice in Wonderland. 
I loved it! Some times when I walk around temple square I think about my Fairy Tale life and I realize how blessed I am.
I am so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life.

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