Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Temple with the family

Back in October Noahs Grandparents, Bob and Mary Anne, came to visit. They were wonderful and decided to fly Noahs sister Emma down to visit as well.
We all had so much fun hanging out. The kids had never met their Great Grandparents. 

We talk about them a lot so it was really nice to have them here and I absolutely loved seeing them with the boys. It was just beautiful.
We got the change to visit Temple Square with them and listen to Pop Pop (Bob) tell us all about his word working skills and tell us about all the old tools that they used to build the temple. 
I was so much fun to spend all this time with them and get to know them all better.

Holy Utah bugs!!!
This thing was HUGE!!!

We also had the wonderful opportunity while we were at Temple square to see one of our wonderful friends son get released from his two year mission in service to our church. He was serving a mission entering names into the Census database. It was pretty cool to get to listen to him tell us all about it. I love this family. 
We also got the chance to have them come and stay with us at our house that night too before they had to drive home. I really miss this family.

These are seriously two of the sweetest people alive. 

Our boys love John.

Noah and his book end Emma.

This tree reminds me of something out of a Fairy Tale, maybe Alice in Wonderland. 
I loved it! Some times when I walk around temple square I think about my Fairy Tale life and I realize how blessed I am.
I am so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Android Pictures

So in the last year and a half since I have had my Android smart phone I have not ONCE transferred pictures from my phone to the computer. 
My phone is now doing something really weird and so I am having to send it in to get it fixed, I of course did not want to lose my pictures so I transferred them FINALLY.
Nothing like being under pressure to get me motivated. 

Here is an overload of pictures from me phone. 
There were 1001 in all, but don't worry Ill spare you the overload of that many.

Braddoc refusing to sit in the chair at the dentist. This visit resulted in my getting a fat lip and him getting a black eye, all because he was kicking and trashing so hard while they tried to count his teeth. No it  was not me who came him a black eye, he did that one himself.
It was also this visit that I came home and told Noah that I thought something was different with Braddoc and now here we are more then a year later with a firm Autism diagnosis.

My 27th Birthday. 

I can not believe Tayton was ever this little. Poor guy still does not have much more hair then this.

Braddoc has gotten so big. Its hard to believe that he is not really a baby anymore. 
 Oh Tayton, you fill my life with soooo much joy. He is the smartest, sweetest, silliest little boy I know.

I took my Elvis loving husband to see ViVa Elvis for his birthday while it was still in Vegas.

The one thing I do not miss about Vegas (well one of the many things) is the wind. I just look at this picture and it makes me cold.

 Braddoc loves hats. He has to try them on where ever we go.

Landons battle wound. Braddoc accidentally stepped on Landons shoe lace and trimmed him and he fell and hit his eye brow right on the edge of a chair and busted it open. I thought he needed to go to the doctor for stitches, Noah did not agree so we stayed home. And now a year later and many, many Miderma skin care treatments later he STILL has a scar there.

The poor kid got hit with a toy car the very same day and had another battle wound.

This little man was getting so many fevers. We spent so many times in the ER with 104 fevers. Finally he was sent to a doctor who specializes in rare disorders and we (through many tests and a pretty penny that our insurance did not pay for) finally found out he has something called Periodic Phantom Fever Syndrome. The syndrome causes arthritis pain and high fevers. Now he is on medicine and we know how to monitor him.

This is Braddoc and Brynlee, Braddocs very best friend in the whole world. He still asks to go to her house even though we live in another state now.

I have a kidney disease and make lots of lovely kidney stones. This little beauty was while I was pregnant (super dangerous). There was nothing they could do except pump me full of fluids and hope that it was not to big to pass. After it did finally, and painfully, pass I took it in to be tested and everyone in the office was shocked that I even passed it because they had never seen one that big pass. Thank goodness for priesthood blessings and lots of prayers.

Hats, hats and more hats.

SERIOUSLY!!!??? do they may them any cuter? I think not!

Landon tried on Noahs captain hook wig. The kid looks just like me.

My first big pregnant Halloween. Smee from Peter Pan.

Landon walking to the car from school, I loved that he always made sure Tayton was safe.

Landon is soo silly. He loves to dress up and went through this whole shirtless stage... weirdo.

And then on December 1st my life was changed forever when this beautiful little girl was born. I remember asking the doctor as soon as she was born, "Is it really a girl?"

Tayon being super silly as always.

Even to this day I simply can not get enough of this girl. Its so hard to believe that this picture was taken almost a year ago, she is getting so big so fast.

 Aowyn was and is seriously the best baby ever. She is just the sweetest and most adorable little thing. I adore her. I am so glad I am her mom.

This is the face of Braddoc. Silly Goose!

Sleeping like a champ.

Reading Christmas stories.

Trying on Hats that our wonderful Grandma Waite made for the kids and brought by.

Braddoc ALWAYS sleeps in the car. Without fail, if its more then a 8 minute car ride count on him being asleep.

Aowyn had so much baby acne. I was really worried it was never going to go away. I can safely say 11 months later, that it has. 
 Silly treasures that I find on a regular basis.
 Little lady was talking to me a ton.

 My sweet Valentine.

Someone lost a tooth.

We went to see the Vow and found Channing Tatum.

Landon taking his first Violin lesson.


My stair step.
 My sweet little lady.

Mini Bruno Mars?

Spiderman must not reveal his true identity.

My baby with her baby.

Oh how I love this girl.

Round 2 coming up.