Sunday, October 21, 2012

My week in review

The past two weeks have been all sorts of crazy up in here. 
Here is the review, now I know your are going to want to be jealous, cause my life is just so stinking great, but try to hold it all in. (I think the tooth paste and chocolate incidents puts me over the top for pure amazingness.) 

Two Saturdays ago at Landon's soccer game he ran up with another boy on his team to kick the ball into the goal, it just so happened that the goalie was coming at the same time too and totally grabbed it as both boys were going to kick it. One of them (not sure which, Landon thinks it was him and the goalie thought it was the other boy) kicked her finger and ended up breaking it (I found this out on Monday on the way to school). The goalie was a little girl in Landon's church class and so I was able to call her mom and tell her how sorry we were when we found out. The little girl was happy because she got a pink cast. I guess all is great when you are 6 years old. 

Tayton has been extra crazy, naughty. There are many fun adventures with him this week. 
First off he loved getting into the tooth paste...... I did not love cleaning it up. 
But I can with much pleasure say that I laughed about it and gave him a big tooth pasty kiss. He is just so darn cute, how could I resist.

Aowyn has learned that she can sit at the window and watch her brothers play outside, so this is her new favorite spot to be. She will sit there and giggle and clap, its precious.

We do not really buy much for our kids except on their birthdays and Christmas. They earn an allowance for cleaning every week and have to buy their own things, we feel like this teaches them ownership. (go here to learn more about that). Anyway Landon ruined his last belt and really needed a new one and so he bought one all on his own with out us even suggesting it. I think my favorite part is that he rolls it up to store it, just like his daddy. 

The boys had a friend over and they played school for a few hours. It was super cute until I realized in the end that when the neighbor "taught" school that he used a permanent marker on the board instead of a white board marker. Boy howdy was that thing a pain in the butt to clean off.

Life was just slightly crazy with family in town so my poor counter looked like this for the better part of a week. If you have read my posts before you will know how much I HATE bars. (the candy on the right side of the counter was all of our conference stuff.)

The laundry looked like this for several days. I think my favorite part is the sock hanging from the picture rack......

The two middle kiddos decided that they wanted to decorate the floor with stickers. 
They also decided that it was not much fun when they had to clean it up.

The two little's share everything food related. I am so grateful that Tayton loves to share with Aowyn so much. Its not so fun to clean up but super fun to watch. This time it was ice cream and of course Aowyn was in heaven.

Landon has officially learned to read and he is pretty good at it too. I am so proud of him. I don't think he could be more proud of himself either.

This beautiful girl has been getting all over the place, not only has she graduated from the zombie drag to the army crawl but she can also scoot herself across the floor on her bum, very quickly I might add.

She also really like to hang out under the table and chairs and any small space that she can easily wiggle her way into.

I bake the kids after school snacks 2-3 times a week and this last week I tried a new recipe. It was for some pudding and cake batter cookies and holy cow were they amazing!! I think they are my new favorite cookie. The best part in you can change out the sprinkles for anything, chocolate chips, white chocolate and macadamia nuts, holiday sprinkles. ANYTHING!!! I'll have to share the recipe soon.

WARNING: this part is kind of gross. 
I totally lost my pinkie toe toenail. It was so weird and random. I feel like an old lady now that I am missing a toe nail. 

Again, hanging out under the table and chairs.

This little guy got into some chocolate and had a ball. He could not get the package open so he pushed it out with his teeth and made a HUGE mess.

I was cleaning chocolate up for days. About 3 days later Noah called me into the master closet and showed him this, because Tayton had told him, "wook dis, dad. Wook!" 
More chocolate..... on the wall and in my shoes.

Thankfully it did not get on my clothes. 
He did however have a ton of fun cleaning it all up.

Most Friday nights we do family movie and pizza nights. I think we have a picture of all 3 of the littles doing this at one point or another. Landon had not cleaned up his pizza and Aowyn took her chance to dig in. (I still have not gotten all of the pizza out of that outfit.)

Braddoc has been putting EVERYTHING in his mouth lately.

These two have been bonding like crazy. Its wonderful.

Noah's closet shelving just ripped right out of wall one night. The whole thing fell right down with a huge crash. When the maintenance guys came to fix us they told us that the reason it fell was because the shelf was not made to hold a ton of weight! Wow! Really? A closet is not meant to hold a ton of weight, well that's just great since the master closet is teeny tiny. I said as much to the maintenance guys and they told me that they have this problem a lot because the shelf is just straight into the sheet rock and there is nothing there to support it. The sheet rock is super flimsy, a friend of mine says they are our "paper houses" and she is so very right.

After I put Aowyn to bed one night I came back out to find these three cuties chilling together on the couch, I'm not gonna lie it made me cry a little bit.

Aowyn's costume came in the mail!! Oh happy day. I love it!

Tayton decided that he was going to go down the stairs while he had a little crawl through tube over his head, needless to say he fell right down the stairs and got some serious road rash. His forehead is all banged up and he refuses to take the bandaid off. He also got a nice rash under his nose.

The little Miss has been sick and super cranky, she does not ever want me to put her down. 
There has been a lot of crying going on around here.

Needless to say since she has been sick the house has gone to pot. Its just been kind of crazy around here. Crazy I tell yah!

I did manage to accomplish two things in Aowyn's room the day before she got sick.
I got her flowers up and I got her shelf finished and hung as well. 

We have gone through a whole bag of apples the last few days and I have been finding the deadly remains of them all over the house. I told Noah we needed to buy an apple tree with as fast as we go through apples.

The big thing on my to do list has been the garage. 
As you can see I have yet to actually do anything with it.
Actually I had done stuff with it, I've been adding to the mess.
I don't even want to think about this room right now, but maybe if I show off to yall the mess that is in there you will hold me accountable for doing something about it.
Yes, so now you see the disaster that is my garage.
(truthfully we can't find the hardware to build the shelves so we have nowhere for the stuff to go yet.)

Pudding has been my nemesis lately. Tayton plays in it all the dang time. 
Here is Jake hanging out with some pudding pants.

Tayton now knows how to undress himself and he has had a total ball doing it all day long. Thankfully he has not taken off his diaper, just his pants and shirt. 

I have introduced these two to Harry Potter. We have had a harry potter marathon. They watched one and then two and now three. This is the last one they get to watch for awhile because after this they get a bit scary and rated PG-13 instead of PG. 
They are LOVING it. Landon is a bit obsessed and I have found a wand making tutorial on pinterest so I think I'm making them some for Christmas. I am pretty stocked that they are loving Harry Potter so much. They have seen the first one before and loved it, but now they love it even more since they have seen the second and third.

Landon brought home his end of the quarter test and he got 100%. I am so proud of how hard he has been working and how well he has been doing. It was one of those tests that has the little stop sign on the end of the page that tells you to stop and wait for the teacher. Apparently he had to read the whole test himself and answer the questions. Love this kid. 

Survived another week. 
It just keeps getting crazier and crazier up in this joint. 
And I love every minute of it.
(I may not love it in the moment but I can for sure smile later.)

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