Friday, October 19, 2012

How to hang a curtain rod

Hanging curtain rods used to be such a pain in the behind. 
I would take the rod and measure and drill and they would still not be level. 
One time when I was a curtain rod I ended up with 8, yep 8 holes in my wall from where I was trying to hang it. 
Out came the spackle and paint and I fixed the holes, 2 years later. Yep I am super on top of things.
After that "incident" I set out to find a new solution. 
After a lot of thinking about and trying a few new things I came up with a solution that works like a charm.

And now you are all lucky enough to get that answer. 
No more millions of holes and uneven curtain rods.

First take a piece of card board.

Cut the a small square at the bottom corner of your card board, making a ninety degree cut.
Make sure you leave enough room on the side and top of your piece so you can actually use it. 
You will want the height and length of it to be the same as the height and length you want your rod to be from the window frame.

Place your piece up against your window sill.

Put the screw in where you want it to in relation to your window. And make sure you poke it all the way through so that it leaves a mark on your wall.
(don't you love the black paint residue on my thumb, yeah I pretty much live with paint on my hands.)

When you pull the cardboard off the wall, you will see the mark left from your screw. You can now use your hooks and screw the pieces into the wall.

Flip your cardboard piece over and you will see the whole make from before. 
Take the cardboard piece and put it up against the window sill again. 
Take your screw and poke it back through cardboard and leave your mark again.
You can now hang the pieces for this side.

And the final product, all halloweenie, because well I'm addicted to all things holiday and its that time of year.... 

The only holes in the wall are the ones where the two correctly hung screws are! BAM!!! no more going back to fix it two years later.

Enjoy. Go. Do.
Have fun!!!

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