Friday, September 28, 2012

Wreath love

I love making wreaths. 
I think its one of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring in fun colors and decor to a place. I also love using them when changing out the holiday cheer.
I am going to show you how awesomely easy it is to create your own unique wreaths in no time flat. Plus its cheap, can't get much better then that in my book.

I first took a wreath from Micheals, it was $4.95, and I spray painted it a beautiful turquoise color.

I took two Hydranga steams from Micheal's that I got on sale for $2.50, and cut off most of the stem. 

Then I poked the steams through my wreath. 

Folded the steam back into the wreath in a new area and hot glued the stem in place.

I did this with both of the bushes. 
Then I took some of the leaves off of the stems that I had cut off.

I took the leaves and strategically placed (with some help of my favorite tool, a hot glue gun) the leaves around the flowers to give it more of a bushy look. 

Then I tied on a ribbon and BAM! I did my happy dance, because I was done. Yes I do a happy dance every time I complete a craft, because its nice to celebrate my victory and well, because I LOVE to dance, but that's for a whole different time....

Then I took my little beauty and I added it to the mirror in our Master bedroom. It's probably the only decoration in there right now, but hey, its still a work in progress. One project down, 5 million more to go.

I added another nail just below the frame of the mirror on the wall and wrapped the ribbon around that then I rehung the mirror.

Isn't it a beauty?! 
I love it!
And it took me about 10 minutes. (not including the ridiculously necessary task of waiting for the paint to dry.)

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