Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My joyful, crazy week

Here is my week in review. 

Just a little bit of the "fun" (?) happenings around here.

This was what the table looked like after dinner. (I seriously sweep 3-4 times a day.)

The living room floor after snack time. Despite my best "STAY IN THE KITCHEN WITH YOUR FOOD." "TAKE YOUR FOOD OUTSIDE." The mess still found its way into my life, causing me to vacuum for the third time that day. 

Landon drew me a lot of pictures of people.

Braddoc brought home our new family pet (?). These "things" (tadpoles I think) went around with him for days. He carried it with him everywhere.... yeah super nasty fun! 

This little man had a snack of markers. He ate the top off of 8 of them. It was lovely! 
I had to really applaud his brothers for leaving them out for him to get into. 

This little lady was perfect, as usual!!!! 
I tell her to stay this way all the time. She is my little angel!

She decided that she is not a baby anymore, and really, really does not like to eat baby food anymore. She has decided that she will only eat big girl food.

Tayton discovered the joys of dumping out all of his toys. 
He is officially a toy dumper outer. (that's a thing right?)

Braddoc's obsession with bugs has grown and I find him with grasshoppers all the time. He is the bug whisperer, I swear. It probably helps that he can here bugs. Yeah, its his super power.

Its really fun for mom, when I got grab a toy that was on my KITCHEN counter and feel something inside of it with my finger, so I bring it close to look inside and find a special surprise....

Braddoc has gotten some head phones that keep noise out which is super nice for both of us. 
I can now vacuum with out him getting upset and he can walk around outside and at the stores without getting overwhelmed. WHOOT! WHOOT!

Tayton is obsessed with hiding. I walked into the Family room and could not find him, I looked everywhere and he was "gone." I finally looked in just the right way and found him hiding between pillows. I moved the left pillow to see him, it was almost completely blocking him, he just had this little window view to see the television. 

Little man B, found a new favorite toy, which is always nice for my because it keeps him happy and distracted for a good hour or two a day.

Landon has discovered the joy of stapling pages together and creating books. (I have received a lot of these this week.)

There were lots of times where there were pile of laundry waiting for me to fold them. I got to them that day (after putting out lots of fires), but not before Braddoc decided it would make a great place to relax. Did I mention that he had been eating Cheetos and had not yet washed his hands.....?

Someone decided that it was more fun to be a baby and sit in the baby chair to eat his breakfast.
I was not going to complain because we was actually sitting, and eating, so I just let him be.

Braddoc flooded the bath room, 3 times, count them 1-2-3 times. Yup! It was great!!!! 

Landon brought home 4 tests, all of them with 100%. He also brought home a homework paper that said WOW on it! I was so excited for him and for how well he is doing in 1st grade.

These two cuddled and bonded a lot. 

One day I was walking into the kitchen and heard a slurping sound coming from the pantry, the door was closed so I looked around to see if I was wrong thinking that the sound was coming from there. I heard it again and opened the pantry door to find Tayton hiding in there, sipping away on a Caprisun. Sneaky, sneaky little man. I have to say, he comes by it honest. I must admit I am a bit worried about what his teenage years might be like. ;o)

Landon picks his clothes out for the next day every night before bed. I found this one night and had to smile. Hubby was not too pleased and really wanted him to pick a better outfit. I thought it should be his choice, pick your battles, you know! We settled on letting Landon decided with a bit of guidance. He stuck with this, but in the morning put on something different. 

Boxes became some great toys!

And these two middles, bonded with each other while Landon was at school. 
Braddoc kept telling me and Tayton, that Tayton was his best friend, and the best brother ever.
Operation brotherly bonding was a success. 

My life is crazy!
My life is wonderful!
My life is fully of laughter and tears!
And most of all....

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