Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Its soccer time

Its that time of year again.
The time of year where we spend most weeknights and every weekend at the soccer field.
When I was younger and thought about having kids, this was part of my dream.
Lots of family time spent at sporting events, and now here we are.

This last Saturday Landon had his first game.
He almost scored a goal and he was SOOO excited, not sure it was because he almost made it or if it was because we give him $1 for every goal, and so he ALMOST got a dollar. Ill pretend it was because he really was excited about the goal.

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took.

Can't you tell Landon was super involved in listening to his coach before the game.

His shorts were SO big and would not stay up so he had his hand in his pants for a long time trying to re-tuck in his shirt.

I love this picture, you can just see how much he loves it and how much fun he is having.

The two little men sat and watched and cheered Landon on for a little bit.
I think the sun got too much for them and they were tired of squinting so they went and played on the playground.

Team huddle at half time.

Pulling up his pants for the nine trillionth time.

Running ahead of the pack with the ball in front on him, almost scoring a goal.

Sitting on the bench taking a break.

Mixing it up. It was funny because at some point one of the little boys on the other team got tired of this whole mess and just sat on the ball.

Landon got to throw the ball in A LOT! He loved that part too.

Landon does not do well on defense. He hates being bored, especially when the ball did not make it down to his end of the field once, the whole game.

Soccer has never been my favorite sport.
If I was to pick one I wanted him to play it would be baseball.
Noah would pick baseball too.
But Landon picks soccer, so we support him and love every bit of it.
Landon likes baseball too and I think its starting to slip into first on his favorite list.
But for the last 3 years its been soccer, soccer, soccer.
We love sports!
Can you tell?

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